Zuldera7 V-Diet Log

Just Ordered my Supplements! I have been slowly losing a little weight without losing muscle, and I have been looking at the V-Diet for about a year. I just ordered the supps, no turning back now.

5’ 10" Height
247.5 Weight
16.5 Neck
50 Shoulders
44.5 Chest - Upper
43.5 Chest - Lower
43.5 Waist - at Navel
45.5 Waist - at largest
43.5 Hips - at largest
15 Upper Arm - L
15 Upper Arm - R
27.5 Upper Leg - L
27.5 Upper Leg - R
17.75 Lower Leg - L
17.75 Lower Leg - R
11 Ankle - L
11 Ankle - R

My stuff came in, starting tomorrow!

Well, day one is nearly complete. Workout was real shitty today, but I guess first days are sometimes. The protein tastes awesome, I couldn’t finish a couple of my shakes, couldn’t fit anymore. Extremely slow digestion. Would love to chew on something, but I am not hungry, so that is good.

Reverse Lunge: 40 Reps
Bent Over Row: 12x25/8x45/10x45/10x45
Push Press: 10x60/10x80/10x80/10x80
Curls: 8x50/8x40/8x40/8x40/8x40
Reverse Crunch: 10/10/10/10

Did you give up on day 1?

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