ZornzLemon's - Diet Log


Well here it goes. I have all of my stuff, bottles and bottles of it. I actually started yesterday (Monday 3/12/12).

First day was good, all shakes right on and NEPA walk 1 hour (4 miles). Last night, the dog was eyeing the peanut butter I was licking from a measuring spoon, I growled, he left.

I ordered some Pulse stuff as well and may try a day of that a week if it is not too against protocol (others have asked Chris and been OK’ed). I have had some success with a little IF in the past.

First workout tonight after work. I have lifted for several years off and on (mostly off for the last year plus), some of it (a significant amount) with a trainer. I am a little uneasy about the different rep counting and getting the weight right for this stuff.

Also, seems like very few moves/workout. But for once in my life I am going to do it exactly like I am told :slight_smile: so we shall see… Oh, and I suck at dead lift, coordination is a problem for some reason and it does not feel quite right. Anyone else had that problem? (trainer thought I was crazy).

Height — 6 ft 1
Weight — 255 lbs
Neck — 17.5
Shoulders — 52.5
Chest — 50
Waist(@navel) — 47 (death on a stick)
Waist — 44
Thigh® — 25.5
Thigh(l) — 25.5
Calf® — 16.75
Calf(l) — 16.5
Ankle® — 9.5
Ankle(l) — 9.5
Bicep® — 14
Bicep(l) — 14
Fore® — 12.5
Fore(l) — 12.5


Welcome Zornz! I’m on the first week of the transition and actually doing a pulse fast today. Depending on your natural energy levels its not that hard to incorporate and it produced serious results for me. It was hard the first day i fasted, i was ravenous and drained but lost 3 lbs overnight and kept it off (not all water weight). I didn’t even work out that day. Today i feel great (probably due to my overall fitness level being better) and I just got back from lifting. Try it once and see how you feel/results. i’d maybe wait until you get a full week of the actual vdiet in to let your body adjust to things.

as for the rep count/program, it’s actually only a little tricky during week one. There will be some trial and error but really focus on dialing in the weight level to be in the right rep range. If you are supposed to hit 8-9 rep max and the weight you are using lets you do 12 without changing form, then you are too light. count that set as a warmup and add 10 lbs until you get the right amount. WRITE IT DOWN. I printed the program out on 1/2 pages and put it in a mini binder. makes things foolproof…plus you can track progress (and you dont have to remember what weigh you put on the bar the week before). YOu shouldn’t have to add a lot every week since the rest periods go down (and when they get down to 30 seconds in week 4, you will be panting like a dog).

I’m also not where i want to be with DLs. I’ve learned that FORM IS KEY. start with a VERY low weight until you master the form. If you rounding your back, you’re too heavy. watch some of the vids on here for perfect form.

GOOD LUCK BUDDY…this shit will change your life


Day 2 (03/13/2012)

Shakes as planned. No problem with that really but nearly grabbed a chip from a bag my wife was eating from without thinking. Blending them thick, with ice is a pleasant change up and more filling. The Pulse Fast stuff was delivered today. I’m still not sure if and when but I’m still thinking 1 per week after the first week. Any thoughts?

First workout went well (last night). Better than expected and I didn’t have any trouble with the count as I worried. I’m a little sore but nothing to speak of yet. After a year plus of sitting on my ass I am as week as a kitten but that I can fix somewhat.

I did 45 minutes on an elliptical after the lifting (since I hadn’t done NEPA yet). I did 3 miles without breathing hard but my heart rate (as reported by the hand grips) was like 150… I was not working hard at all and obviously it was because I had worked hard (for current me) with the weights. Is that OK? I read (ask Chris I think) as long as I’m not breathing hard I’m OK and it’s not cardio but the heart rate thing worried me.

I’m going walk a long one tonight then another workout tomorrow and, of course, I’ll keep blathering on here daily.


Day 3 (yesterday 03/14/2012)

Shakes on track but I had to cram one of the last 3 in. I work at home often and yesterday was the first day I had to go to the office. I only took one shake with me and therefore had to cram in 3 shakes between 6 PM and bed at 11. Not a big deal But I am taking 2 with me next time, I can drink one on the drive home. I should put a bottle of MD in my desk, duh, I will.

Did 1 hour on elliptical and treadmill for 4 plus miles. I need to get outside with the NEPA this weekend and enjoy it more.

Feeling pretty damn good considering and more confident I can do this. Workout 2 tonight and the dreaded (because I suck at it) dead lift. I’ll figure it out.

I cheated and jumped on a scale this morning, I’m down 6lbs since Monday. I know it doesn’t mean much at this point but it’s nice to see it anyway…



Keep it up Zorn. We all have exercises we hate… and in my case, it is usually because I suck at them. Take lunges for example. I really suck at lunges. I think it has something to do with the knee I broke in high school, lack of stability, and so on.

The only thing I hate more than lunges are leg extensions. I love deadlifts though. It is also easy to get much better at DL’s quickly. Soon, you won’t suck at them. Me… I will still suck at lunges and leg extensions.


Day 4 (yesterday 03/15/2012)

Shakes were all on. Getting REALLY gassy (TMI) but some gasex is helping so far. Day 4 was the first day I had any real cravings. It wasn’t like “oh no I may cave” but there was a consistent nagging “wanting something” popping up that I hadn’t noticed before then.

I kind of blew it for day 4. I was running on 5 hours sleep and didn’t get home until 8PM. I had no energy AT ALL. There was NO WAY I was going to have a productive workout so I rolled it over to today and got a good 9 hours sleep. I’m not sure that was the best way to handle it or not. Maybe I should have dragged myself in and done the best I could. Anyway, will suck it up today and still be on track.

I am going to focus on getting my sleep. There is no way I can keep the pace on this calorie load without regular, long enough, sleep.

I took the dogs for a 1 hour 4.23 mile cruise on a nice trail near my house, much better than a treadmill and we all loved it.

Day 5 now, no lack of resolve or thoughts of quitting, quite the opposite.


Day 5 (03/16/2012)

Shakes were on course :slight_smile: I need to write them down as I had to really think a time or two What shake is this 4 or 5?". No problem to add that.

Hit the gym for a work out, dead lifts were OK but light. I can figure them out and tweak my form as I go. The workout was good, I’m getting a feel for the counting thing and getting all the reps in with decent form. Rest periods are not a problem (not much of one :wink: ) so far. I kind of like lifting this way. Still seems like I should be doing more lifts but on the other hand this, the shakes and walking, the whole thing is KICKING MY ASS I’m sore and tired. Slept like a 9 hour rock last night. I like knowing why I’m sore and tired, it’s a good thing :slight_smile:

I mentioned yesterday I did 4.25 miles with the dogs and I added another 4 and change in an hour on an elliptical after lifting. So while one walk should be considered make up for poor planning the day before I still managed ~8 and a quarter miles on day 5. I think I will try for this, as an ideal, say 8 miles a day but not be worried much if I don’t get all of the 8.

Heading out for a walk now, later the v-burn and then a REAL EFFING MEAL and a date with my wife (sorry you got listed second and in lower case there Britt, but it is what it is…).

As is becoming habit, I’ll post today’s log (Day 6) tomorrow.



You are a better man than I am for liking those short rest periods.

I have found myself to be surprisingly gassy as well. Some days it is worse than others, but I think it has been getting better.


RFM instead of HSM? Might be an appropriate acronym change, lol. Let’s keep up the good work!


Day 6 03/17/2012

Shakes right on as always, had a great HSM (RFM) at Sizzler :), kind of cheapy but loaded up at the salad bar then steak and broccoli and mashed sweet potatoes (without the sugary butter they add) nom nom nom nom. It was pretty good for Sizzler. And I was REALY looking forward to it.

Went for a good walk with the dogs and the wife down a trail on the bird refuge a mile from home. The usual ~4 miles in ~1 hour.

Did the V-Burn and holy shit, I suck :). It took me an hour to do 4 circuits and I had to really push myself to not stop after 3. Plenty of room for improvement. I got no wind! At least not the good kind. And one legged DL? Really? :wink:

Day 7 (today really) I will make up workout 3 and be back on schedule. Miss one and it is a tight fit to get back on schedule without going back to back or skipping one. I need focus on staying on schedule.


good start! did you weigh in on the HSM day?


If I have cheated at all on this thing it is I can’t stop sneaking looks at the scale.
As of this morning, day after HSM, I am 249 so down 6 lbs and 2" around my navel.
And it DOES drive me crazy (the scale bouncing around).

I am tired and stiff after a week but I can already feel the gym coming back to me. I just got to show up, focus and sweat.

Seriously considering a Pulse Fast in week 2. We’ll see…


Great job Zorn. That challenge workout sucks… or maybe it doesn’t… it just makes me feel like I suck.

When i was younger, my absolute favorite thing to eat was the steak and all you could eat shrimp at Sizzler. I would give the steak to my father and just eat the salad bar and all of the fried shrimp in the kitchen. It may, or may not, explain some things. :slight_smile: Sounds like you ate better than I did at Sizzler.


Day 7 (03/18/2012)

OK I have been slacking on getting this log done.

Shakes on plan.
I did workout 3 (out of order since I was a day behind until today)
4 miles in ~hour NEPA.

Weight in the morning was still 249 lbs (down 6 lbs)
Not as much weight as I had hoped but I KNOW I have new muscle so I’m fine with that.
I only measured around my middle (navel) = 45" (down 2"). So my fattest fat is down a good amount for 1 week :slight_smile:

I will do the full measurements and weight at the end of week 2.
I have before pics but I’m not releasing the fatty porn shots until I have some good after shots to go with them.

So I ended week 1 with all shakes, workouts and NEPA per plan.
Exact timing was off here and there and lifting needs work but I did the diet, period.
I didn’t lose 10 lbs like some have but the 6lbs and 2" less pregnant looking is great.

On to week 2.


Day 8 (03/19/2012)

Well I did this sooner than I thought I would but I did a Pulse Fast on day 8.
I pulsed every 2 hours for a total of 8 pulses @400ml of Mag10 and Power Drive mixed as directed. The orange stuff is pretty good and I am oddly enamored with the fancy bottle. I am hoping it doesn’t lead to anything too weird.

As for the fasting, it wasn’t that bad at all. I was a little hungry here and there and you know something is off when you are staring down tasteless cherry tomatoes like they were krispy kremes. I felt somewhat foggy later in the day but again not too bad considering it was a fast.

I did a good 4 mile trail walk with the mutts. It was cold but sunny and fun.

After ~34 hours, they should call it a slow, I weighed and measured around my navel again:
246.5 lbs and 44" clean. So another 2.5 lbs and 1" of fattest fat gone in one day. I’m not sure what that means exactly but I’m taking it as a good thing. Maybe it broke me loose a little bit.

I did miss the nightly peanut butter and considered caving, but fuck that :slight_smile:



Wow… great results. Looking less expectant is the primary goal, right? Who cares about weight if the inches are dropping.


Yeah, fuck “caving” in the ass. No lube.

Don’t know if I could do a pulse fast, though. I think I am in a happy medium-esque spot. Adhering to a strict diet, but still being able to function at work, school, and family related things.


Day 9 (03/20/2012)

Shakes dead on.

I was not feeling it for Workout 5. I did the WO and was close on the rest times (40) but it was tough and I couldn’t seem to find my happy place. Skipped NEPA and went home for the last shake and to bed. Maybe I was low on energy from the Pulse the day before but I don’t think so. I think it was just one of those “can’t find anything to burn” days. They happen.

I found out there is a BOD POD close by, I’m going to make an appt to try it out. Anyone tried that before? Does it work? Accurate?

Heading to the gym to walk my brains out to make up for last night (it’s day 10 now).


what is a Bod Pod?
I had one of those not feelin’ it days yesterday, I just couldn’t face the tread mill:( But I was good today!!


A Bod Pod is a spaceship lookin phone booth thing you ride in your underpants :slight_smile:

BOD POD: A method for determining the lean body mass. The BOD POD is a computerized, egg-shaped chamber. Using the same whole-body measurement principle as underwater weighing, the BOD POD measures a subject’s mass and volume, from which their whole-body density is determined. Using these data, body fat and lean muscle mass can then be calculated