Zombie's V-Diet Log

Well here I go Day 1… I have been looking forward to today for three weeks now, I have been letting the anger about the way I look and feel for a long damn time and now I am ready to do something about it.

Here are my before numbers…

Height-- 5’10
Weight-- 250
Neck-- 18.5in
Shoulders-- 55in
Upper Chest-- 46in
Lower Chest-- 46.5in
Waist-Largest-- 44in
Hips-- 45in
Upper Arm R-14.5 L-15
Upper Leg R-27.5 L-28
Lower Leg R-18 L-18.5
Ankle R-10 L-10

I will have my BF% done this evening (7-site skin fold) and as soon as I figure out why my camera wont download my pix I will have them up also.

“Hard? It is supposed to be hard, if it wasn’t hard everyone would do it. It is the hard that makes it great!”

Workout 1 – 7-15-09

Bent-Over BB Row – 225 4x5

Overhead Squat – 135 4x5

Dips – 25 4x5

Wheel Rollout – 2x10

30 min stretch

Good workout… weights may need to be bumped up a bit… but that will pan out.

Back to work…

best of luck man

what is your work/school life like? be prepared to work around them with this diet. It takes a good chunk of planning at first but it will only get easier as the days go on

I have a set hours at work that allow me to fit things in very well. I plan everything out the night before ie… when i train and wheni eat my meals … been doing that for years now, so hopefully I can follow that game plan.

Thanks for the support!!!

Day 2 7-16-09 – Workout 2 8:15am

20 min Dynamic Warm-up

WG Pull-ups x40

DB Incline 75x10 80x8 80x8 80x6 75x6

RDL 185x8 x5 (10 weeks out from to herniated disks in low back so keeping weight light)

BB Curl 85x10 x4

Hanging Knee Raise x10 x20 x10

15 min post stretch

This workout was much harder than I expected it to be. I am still used to having many more calories in the body before I train and I found myself very lightheaded towards the end of things. Pushed through and got it done so that is all that matters!

On to the next one!

Start of day three… Shakes have been going down with out much issue. I have a question for anyone who would like to throw their two cents in… Does anyone see any issue in spliting the mid-afternoon shake into two shakes, so drinking half of it at 2:30 and the other half at 3:30? I am getting some crazy hunger pains and brain fog in the afternoon and that is by far my most busy time of the day.

Anyones advise would be helpfull, thanks!

Stay Strong!

Before Pics - Front -

Before - Side -

Before - Back -

Finally got my pics to work!!

First three days have been good… glad i am busy at work, makes the day go fast and I don’t have time to think about food.

I have been walking for 20-30 min. with my dog at night.

Going to have my soild meal tonight, I know it has only been three days but I want to have my HSM on Friday nights throughout the 28 days so I will start tonight.

Here is what is on the menu.
8oz grilled chix
1.5 cups steamed broc.
1 cup brown rice
1 apple

Well back to work!

that is a pretty light HSM. I am not suggesting that you eat more I am just surprised a guy like you can have the control to eat just 8oz of chicken. Last week I ate two!

workout 3

Front squat 275x5x5
(Back still not strong enough to handle too much weight, have to start light and build back into things, it is a mind fuck to go from squating 700 to 275 for 5x5!!!)

Bench Press(CG) 225x5x5

Chins 5x5

Push Press 135x5x5

Still not used to the low calories before traininig, I used to get as many calories before I would train than I do all day right now! That is one of the joys of being a fat powerlifter!!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Struggling this morning … really need to find some motivation … mind is numb and my back is killing me …


Just need to rant for a bit, Thanks

Once you get through the first full week, it becomes easier, although you will be challenged with cravings from time to time. Keep strong!

Stay strong.

Have the issues with splitting the mid-afternoon shake resolved themselves, or is this still a challenge? What does your shake schedule and WO time look like now?

My schedule looks like this

Workout day
7am shake
9am workout
10am Surge
1pm shake
2:30pm 1/2 shake
3:30pm 1/2 shake
7:00pm shake
10:00pm shake

7am shake
10am shake
1pm 1/2 shake
2:30pm 1/2 shake
6:00pm shake
9:30 shake

I have figured out real quick that the weekends are going to be the hardest part of this whole deal. During the week I am so busy at work that I do not even have time to think about food, but the weekend is a another story. I need to find something to stay busy with, but after a long week of work all i want to do is veg out and relax.

Thanks for the support, sometimes all you need is someone else to call you out to get you back on track!!


Some more trouble shooting questions:
-Are those last shakes right at bedtime? If so it may help to move up the schedule so the last one is an hour or two before bedtime and see if that helps. For WO days maybe have the whole shake at 2:30 then the last two at 5:30 and 8:30.

-Are you taking all your nut butter, flax and Flameout as the diet calls for. 4 Flameouts have 52 cals, and every little bit can help.

-What’s involved in the 20 warmup and 15 minute cooldown? Seems like your doubling the workout here, and you may not have the calories to support the extra work.

  • What’s your activity level at your job? Are you really active or do you sit at a desk all day? If you’ve got too much extra activity you may be burning through your cals too quickly.

Hope some of this helps.

Do what you need to do to make the weekends work for you. You only have 4 of them to get through. I did my first V-Burn challenge on a blanket at the top of a cliff in the Alabama heat, but I made it fit my schedule. It all depends on how bad you want it.

I am trying to take the last shake roughly an hour before bed, I will play around with the timing of the last shake a bit more and see how it helps.

I am taking everything just as the diet says to plus the HOT-ROX… so should be go to go there.

My warm-up is some light dynamic stretching and static stretching, and a stick stretch, just to get a sweat going. My cool down is band static stretch and foam roller. All of this is a must for me to stay injury free, I have some flexability issues that if I don’t work on everyday really start to limit my training. All in all this is a fairly low impact warm-up.

I am strength and conditioning coach at the collegiate level so I am at work from 5:30am till 7:30pm everyday and am running 6 groups a day right now. Not a ton of physical work just on my feet all day. I have been adjusting my evening walks depending on how my work day was.

As far as the weekend goes i do just need to suck it up, I was just shocked by how hard the first one was for me. I have made plans for the next two weekends to stay busy so that should help.

Like you said it is all about how bad I want it!

Thanks so much for the advise!

Just keep on going pal,yes its hard to begin with and yes it continues to take willpower but i’m sure you have both in spadefulls.Do what you can when you can,follow the plan.split the shakes up if it gets you through the day,follow the workouts 100% including rest periods(you know this anyway in your job).

I’m convinced that at the end of this you’ll blast this thing right out of the park.the results will be fantastic and you’ll feel as if there’s nothing you can’t achieve.Give it time and 100% my friend.

Tuesday 7-21-09

6am shake 1
9am Surge
12pm shake
4:30 shake
7:30 shake


bent over rows 225 4x5
OH Squats 155 4x5
Dips 45 4x5
Rollouts 2x10


Good day

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