ZMA or Z12 at Bedtime?


Which is better to take at bedtime…ZMA or z12…or both?


Depends on your goal. <a href=""target=“new”>Z-12 is a sleep supplement. <a href=""target=“new”>ZMA is for those lacking key minerals (which is most people who train hard) but it does lead to better sleep as a nice bonus. Both can be used at the same time with no problems. If your main goal is deeper, better quality sleep, go with Z12.


@chanson14 - I’ve been using both Z12 and ZMA together ever since z12 became available I think - certainly a good long time anyway. I find that two z12 gets the job done and guarantees a great night of sleep. The label recommendation is three caps at a time and I’ve certainly used that more than a few times but two caps is more than adequate for me. Even after having used the product as long as I have there has been no need to increase the dose to get a similar effect. I’ve given some z12 to different people from time to time and they all love the ‘magic sleep beans’.

As for the ZMA - I alternate between that and ElitePro Minerals from time to time.


Been taking Z-12 since June and love the deep sleep I get. I was having really awful anxiety for some reason and insomnia most nights when I started taking it. First night I took it I slept like a baby! Stopped having anxiety also, probably because I was finally getting deep restful sleep thanks to Z-12!

I also was alternating ZMA and ElitePro Mineral because I read where anxiety could be caused from a mineral deficit, but really can’t say how well it helped me sleep because I was taking Z-12 at the same time.


Sorry for bumping, but I have a question on the same topic.

I’m on quite a tight budget, and train often and hard. A hell lot of MA training and strength workouts in the morning (also conditioning for sports).

As a biggest bang for your buck, hormonal and sleep-wise, which one is adviceable. I’m also planning on taking Alpha Male soon. Would ZMA be abundant? Or would it supercharge the results of Alpha Male?


I find I need to take my ZMA in the morning,
otherwise I get weird Freddy Krueger type nightmares …

Anyone else experience this ?


Plazma is the biggest bang for the buck…

Having said that, I find that ZMA is more than sufficient. Please realize that ZMA’s sleep “capability” is more of a by product as opposed to the main function. And yes, it can give you some really weird dreams. But then again, I have been using it for a decade or so.

Z-12 primary function is better sleep. It will not put you to sleep, but once down, you are rested. I find that even if I do wake up, I am at peace and easily fall back asleep. My wife on the other hand, is groggy in the morning… She takes 5HTP during the day instead.

Alpha Male is another beast. Follow the recommended dosage. With Carbolin 19, it is quite potent and can probably be more effective then ZMA. I just found that they both work via different mechanism and I personally don’t react well to Tribulus.

At the end of the day, I prefer ZMA, but that is only my opinion.

If they had ZMA with Carbolin 19…


If your goal is good restful sleep, than Z-12 is the stuff. I’ve used it for three years and have actually been able to lower the dose to two caps. Just like somebody previously said, it doesn’t put you to sleep, but if that’s the direction you’re headed, it’ll keep you there, and if you do wake up to pee, you can crawl right back into bed and nod right back off. My problem has never been falling asleep, it’s staying asleep, and Z-12 has done the trick.
My wife uses it every now and then and makes me run out before I thought I would. Those few days between ordering and arrival are not “quality” sleep.


Has anybody had a problem with becoming dependent on Z12 and not be able to get to sleep without it after taking it for a while?


@smasick502 - I have had an issue with this, although after about a week of no Z12 I start falling asleep quicker. But, I typically just have a hard time falling asleep, Z12 helps a little with that, but I can say with confidence when I take Z12 I STAY asleep, or if I wake up for bathroom I can fall asleep again easily. I’ve been taking it for years now, and see no reason to stop. Once in a while I’ll travel and forget to pack it, which is when I can notice a difference in sleep quality.

Regarding some people’s dreaming comments, I never took ZMA, I do take ElitePro minerals but I take them post training. When I took them right before bed, it elevated my body temp too much and I was uncomfortably warm all night. I do have some weird very vivid dreams though if I take 4 Z12’s, I take 2 and it does the trick.


I don’t think physiological dependence on Z-12 is an issue at the recommended dose. I’ve gone weeks at a time using it every night, stopped, and been fine. Right now I use it sporadically, on nights when I need to ensure that I get a good night’s sleep.


[quote]smasick502 wrote:
Has anybody had a problem with becoming dependent on Z12 and not be able to get to sleep without it after taking it for a while?[/quote]
Yes I have had some issues.


I too am dependent on it, and actually have to take 6 at night to stay asleep, but I am not planning on stopping.


My sleeping ability is pure sh*t. I have tried just about everything out there including prescription meds. ZMA, for me, is the only product that helps and I have used it for double digit years.

edit: ZMA(generic term not a specific brand)


I’ve certainly noticed some intense dreams after taking ZMA at night…though I somewhat enjoy this effect. I get a similar experience when I take my welbutrin before bed instead of in the morning too.


I just have to say that with having an 8-month-old child Z-12 has saved my ass every day of it.