Zinc vs Copper

A staff member at my local health food store was telling me that excess zinc interferes with copper in the body, and the result can be bouts of depression. I know Elitepro Minerals has about 3x the RDA of zinc but I haven’t had any depression that I know of. I know zinc plus an ionophore like EGCG will inhibit some types of viral replication Zn2+ Inhibits Coronavirus and Arterivirus RNA Polymerase Activity In Vitro and Zinc Ionophores…]( and I’m probably getting more than 3x in my quest to stay healthy, but how much is too much zinc?

Minerals are weird and there are plenty that do tend to compete with others, so yeah that can be something to keep an eye out for. However, zinc in particular is one that you want to keep supplementing with because it does have a ton of benefits for men (hormonal/reproductive health, general immune system, etc.).

Food sources tend to be relatively low concentrations while also usually being poorly absorbed, but you can safely take 30-40mg per day in supplement form. Keep in mind that sweating depletes the body’s zinc stores and increases the need for supplementation. Since most lifters tend to break a sweat on occasion, you should definitely be fine with your current intake.

Also a potential symptom of low zinc levels, ironically. Zinc has actually been shown in some research to be beneficial in coordination with and/or in place of antidepressants.

Thanks. The woman at the health food store was worried because everybody was coming in looking for 50mg zinc lozenges, and she felt that too much. But then again, not everybody sweats very much.

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