Zinc in Elitepro Minerals and Zinc-Copper Balance

I’ve been reading ‘Perfect Health Diet’ by Drs. Jaminet, and have just read the portion on zinc and copper.

They suggest that copper intake should be 2-4 mg per day, and zinc 15-30 mg per day.

On lifting days, I consume about 1.8 mg copper and 16 mg zinc. Non-lifting days: 3 mg copper, 28 mg zinc. I take Elitepro Minerals each day, so add 30 mg zinc.

Zinc and copper form the essential antioxidant superoxide dismutase, and studies show that zinc-copper balance are very important. In fact, they state “But high doses of zinc, such as 40 mg per day, are positively dangerous.”

“At 10 mg per day of zinc, 1.1 mg per day of copper are sufficient to achieve balance, but at 15 mg of zinc, 1.35 mg of copper are needed, and at 20 mg of zinc, 1.6 mg of copper are required.”

My concern is I may be taking in too much zinc, as I don’t supplement with copper and don’t eat any beef liver. Any thoughts?

FYI you can google Perfect Health Diet and find their diet / supplement recommendations, along with the studies.

[quote=“PB_Andy, post:1, topic:6533”]
On lifting days, I consume about 1.8 mg copper and 16 mg zinc. Non-lifting days: 3 mg copper, 28 mg zinc.[/quote]
Can you just not take the additional zinc here, and stick with the ElitePro and your copper separately? Or are you using a zinc-copper combo supplement? That seems like the too-obvious answer.

I don’t believe that roughly 45-60mg zinc is “too much” for most people. Particularly since you’re still sort of “cycling” the dose on training days vs non-training days. It’s not uncommon to dose zinc even higher than that to boost the immune system for periods of time or to address Test levels or zinc deficiency.

But supplementing with minerals is tricky exactly because they can play off one another with absorption and/or competition. It comes back to knowing what you want to address and going with the most efficient route. ElitePro was designed to standalone as a mineral supplement, so adding extra individual minerals, especially one that overlaps, is putting a wrinkle in the whole thing.

Sorry if I didn’t elaborate. The only zinc supplement I take is Elitepro Minerals. The rest of my zinc intake is actually coming from my diet (about 2700 kcal per day).

I have yet to actually supplement copper but have just bought a 2 mg supplement to help deal with that since I don’t eat any beef liver.

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