Zazi's Last Chance V-Diet


i have tried the V-Diet a few times and managed for a few days…
each time i try it i can do it for longer and longer.

this time i am going for two weeks, but i really really really need whatever support i can get.

i’ve shifted my thinking from:
“oh my god this diet is insane"
"this is the easiest diet in the world,
i will not falter, i will not fail,
i will PREVAIL!!”

that’s my mantra when i have a moment of weakness…

so anyway…

i’m sort of on the low side weight wise… I’m 58kg, but according to my last body composition read out i need to shed about 5kg of fat and gain some muscle on my legs.

i shall be starting tomorrow am.

i don’t have the EXACT supplments but i am pretty close and what i have seems to be working so far.

i live in malaysia so ordering the stuff plus the cost is just … way beyond my budget.

wish me luck.

I don’t want to put a damper on your goals or enthusiasm, but perhaps you keep failing off the V-Diet because you’re not using the right supplements. It really does make a difference. It may be better to just get the right stuff, higher shipping costs be damned, and get it DONE, 4 full weeks and fantastic results.

That’s a possibility. I have lost fat though…
the last time i was on it for four days i lost almost a kilo.
i just have will power issues.
i tend to give in to temptation far too easily.

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