Z-12 Ingredients Split

I have recently bought Z12 which does what it claims. However it’s been brought to my attention that the main ingredients, Phenibut (PHGABA) is an addictive substance, but Z12 is marketed as a non-addictive formula.

Please could someone explain how this is possible, when PHGABA is well documented as being addictive, as I do not want any withdrawal symptoms.

Could someone also tell me the MG split of each ingredients per casual, so I understand what it is I’m taking, and I can do some reading on dosage of PHGABA myself.


For sure. This issue has come up a couple of times over the years, like in this thread:

Hi Chris, thanks for the response, I guessed the dosage can’t be that high as 2 caps is 1200mg total of all 3 ingredients.

I am a little concerned that no one is able to give this information having emailed and on this forum. As a minimum I’d like to know the PHGABA mg per cap. Which will allow me to decide what is and isn’t a lot based on my reading of the issues with PHGABA and recommend dosage.


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