Z-12 Habit-Forming?

Is Z12 habit-forming? If so, how careful do I need to be in terms of consecutive days va time off?

When following the label recommendations, it’s fine with no habit issue. Many people take it consistently, and some just as needed, either as a de-stresser (lower dose) or as a sleep booster (full dose). There’s no specific need to cycle off.

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Awesome - thank you!

@Chris_Colucci as a long-time Biotest supplement buyer/user/advocate, can you clarify further? Z-12 contains a hefty dose of phenibut (especially at the aforementioned full dose), and AFAIK, phenibut is well-known for its addictive qualities and hellish withdrawal symptoms. Has Biotest done something to mitigate this via the other inclusions?

I’ve been using Z-12 2-3 times weekly for a while, but have avoided daily use for precisely this reason.

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There are different tolerance levels for phenibut, which is why we caution users to start with only two capsules per day (to assess tolerance), and never exceed four capsules (once per day). We also included L-theanine in the formula to create a smoother overall effect, and make dosing easier to manage.

According to our review of the scientific literature, the addiction risk of phenibut, at the dose amounts contained in Z-12™ capsules, is considered low. From our experience, if you follow the label recommendations, you shouldn’t have a problem coming off of the supplement. But if you do feel uncomfortable when stopping cold, try tapering off by dropping down one capsule every third day until you’re completely off.


@Tim_Patterson thank you for the considered, honest response – genuinely appreciate this.