Z-12 and ZMA

I was wondering if Z-12 and ZMA can/should be used together. I just ordered Z-12 for the first time, and I’ve used ZMA before. I’m struggling with both sleep quality and recovery. I’m unsure if the increased quality in sleep will help my recovery enough or if I should team up with my supplements and do both ZMA and Z-12.

They can, no problem there. They have different ingredients that address different issues.

Z-12 is for better sleep, first and foremost. A bonus benefit from that is improved overall recovery. ZMA is primarily used to replace common mineral deficiencies which can help the immune system, hormone function, etc. One of the bonus benefits from that is improved sleep.

It should, yeah. A kickass night’s sleep can make pretty much everything better, just like how a crappy night’s sleep makes everything the next day worse.

If you’ve been using ZMA and want to kinda double-down on the sleep quality, for sure you can stack Z-12 with it.

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