Z-12 and Empty Stomach

Hi, tomorrow I will receive the bottle of Z-12 I recently ordered.

I read its label and it recommends taking the dose on an empty stomach before bed. Since I’ll pretty much always have a snack before going to sleep, will this interfere with the supplement?

Nope, no problem taking it with food. The empty stomach suggestion isn’t so much to avoid anything interfering with the effects, it’s to help increase the speed of absorption.

You can take it after a snack, it just might not “kick in” as quickly, so you may want to play around with the timing of the food, the Z-12, and hitting the pillow.

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Hi Chris,

Just wanted to post this as tonight I tried it for the first time. I’ll go ahead and say right away that I don’t blame the product for what I’m about to tell you, but here’s what happened.

I had a scoop of whey and one of micellar casein in milk. I mixed them and obtained something like a pudding and had 2 pills of Z12 before eating the thing. I figured if the capsules reached the stomach before the food would, they would be absorbed more quickly. I then brushed my teeth and headed to bed. I usually lay in bed with my phone for ten minutes or so, then I turn it off and go to sleep.

However tonight I didn’t feel the same. It was around midnight when I shut the lights, and as soon as I laid I started feeling my heart racing and my body getting hotter and hotter. It wasn’t until around 2.30AM that I finally fell asleep. Around half past midnight I had another pill hoping it would change the situation but nothing happened.

I already experienced these symptoms in the past, and that’s why I bought Z12. Some nights, most of them in fact, I sleep well, but occasionally I’ll have serious troubles sleeping. Ironically, I would blame this, at least in part, on the fact that I was so excited for trying out the supplement and that probably played a role. Still, it didn’t seem to help much.

What could I do? Increase the dosage maybe?

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