Z-12 and ElitePRO

Is it ok to take Z-12 and ElitePro together? I can’t seem to get a full night’s sleep lately and was hoping to get a super sleep stack.

I’ve tried Z12 in the past as a sleep aid (liked it a lot), but have been using only Mineral Support for quite some time now. Sometimes though, I’ll take the Minerals in the morning just because I’ve got this giant pill box on my table and I sort of get into a pill popping mood I guess. Anyway, lately I’ve been sleeping pretty badly, so I was thinking of getting back on the Z12. I figure if I keep the Minerals in the AM and the Z12 in the PM I won’t have to worry about excessive amounts of any of the ingredients.
I’m sure Chris can clue you in much better about any possible concerns you may have though, he knows the whole product line inside out.

BTW, how many Z12’s do you take? I’m always going with the lowest dosages of anything I try so long as I get results. I don’t think I ever took more than 2 at a time.


State I take both and have never had a problem.Elite Pro after my evening lift and Z12 pre dinner.I take 1-2 Z12 every night.Maybe try Stu’s advice and take In the mornings but I have noticed that Z12 does work faster/better before a big meal as opposed to after.

@Stu, When I tried Z-12 by itself I think I went up to 3-4 pills but after reading what jppage said about taking them before my last large meal of the day, that might have hindered the effects because I usually ate pretty close to taking them. I never thought about taking the minerals in the morning, might give that a try.

@jppage do you take your minerals right after lifting? I was thinking that the magnesium would add to the relaxation on top of Z-12.

Looks like there are a couple options to try. I hate not being able to fall asleep or just plain having a piss poor night’s sleep. Definitely ordering these products asap.

Thanks for taking time to respond guys, I really appreciate it.

The other members are correct. <a href=""target=“new”>Z-12 and <a href=""target=“new”>Elitepro Minerals can be taken together without an issue. There’s no overlap or interference.

The “take before final meal” trick with Z12 works very well. It just allows Z12 to quickly absorb compared to taking it on “top” of a big evening meal that’s being slowly digested.

Also, be sure you’ve read TC’s recent article on sleep. The concept of first and second sleep is very interesting. The key is to not panic between the two, which of course just keeps you from naturally falling back to sleep. Ironic really: worrying about not getting enough sleep causes us to not get enough sleep! This is what I personally like most about Z12 – it’s not just a sleep aid, it’s has anti-anxiety and relaxing effects.

Thanks for your input Chris, I think the anti-anxiety property of Z-12 is going to help more so in this situation. I will definitely check out TC’s article too.

Side note: Just wanted to say that this forum category was a great idea. One place where you can find out anything and everything about the products, a great resource.

Ya state chris pretty much summed It up.I do take Elite Pro after lifting,and then I’m eating dinner about 1 1/2 -2 hrs later.I take Z-12 about 15-20 min. before dinner starts.

I always found ZMA very very helpful… knocks me out.
Not sure if Elite minerals has the same quantity.

z-12 is an awesome product for sure!

Been using it with either ZMA or Elitepro and it works very well

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