Z-12 and ElitePro Minerals


Quick question,

Is there any negative interactions taking Z-12 and ElitePro Minerals at the same time? I read about the Phenibut and something in ZMA having a bad interaction.

Also I read that Phenibut should not be taken daily because it can become addictive, is this true?

BTW, took Z-12 and ElitePro Minerals last night and slept like a baby! Very awesome sleep combo for someone like me who has been suffering insomnia and General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) the past 3 weeks.


<a href=""target=“new”>Z-12 can be taken with <a href=""target=“new”>Elitepro Minerals or <a href=""target=“new”>ZMA. Very popular stack. There is no harm taking phenibut daily at the amounts contained in Z-12.


Thanks Chris, I would hate to cycle Z-12 because it worked so well for me last night. After having a panic attack (at the time I thought I was having a heart attack and dying), I’ve been in a general state of constant anxiety and worry about my physical and mental health. All this has affected my sleep to the point to where 3 hours a night has been the norm for me.

I took 2 pills of Z-12 with a regular dose of ElitePro and I slept very deeply with vivid dreams for 10 hours. I woke up feeling I could still sleep more but also very alert and refreshed. Also started TRT tuesday after my blood markers for testosterone was 168. No wonder I’ve been anxious…No T and very little sleep!


The TRT will make a world of difference!

When Z-12 first came out, I took it for a year straight. No ill effects. My wife takes it every night and I just use it as needed now. Love it.


I use Z-12 as needed but take ElitePro every night. I love combining the two. In fact when I combine the two I can’t even sleep for more than 5-6 hours without being wide awake in the morning, feeling like I got 8-9.


Still on the minimum dose of Z-12 last night and slept like a baby again. Woke up again feeling I could still sleep longer but woke up refreshed and alert. I am off work Tuesday and Wednesday and can’t wait to sleep until I can’t sleep anymore!


I mix Z-12 with Elitepro regularly and have with ZMA in the past. No issues with any of the combos, just a great night’s sleep.