You're On!

Starting Nnnnnnow!

Starting the Velocity Diet today (Mon. 7-27-09) and Beginner Velocity Training.

The morning started off well, got up at 6:30am and went for a 30min walk. Drank my first shake and took my supps. I premixed my shakes to bring with me to work. So yeah then it starts to go down hill. I drank my 4th shake during my 2nd Shake time and forgot to take my multi-vitamin. I will just have to drink the shake I missed out of order. Ah well, tomorrow I will get it right.

I am not used to taking this many pills. I have to take Omega-3s and fiber tablets every 3 hrs, also a multi-vitamin and bromelain at morning and noontime. GAH! Also between shakes 3 and 4 I was having some major hunger pains this afternoon. I am going to get some HOT-ROX later today so hopefully that will help some. I also am waiting for my Superfood to come in so that is being left out of the shakes for now. I am just hoping I will have enough energy to make it through the workout tonight.

Looking forward to that peanut butter in Shake #5 tonight!

Solid food I miss you!

So I am on to Day 2 of the Velocity Diet and exercise program. The motivation has gone down a bit today but I am not wasting hundreds of dollars spent on nutritional supplements to give in to temptation. Last night’s workout went well. I am really unsteady with the free weights and my strength has gone down noticeably from February when I was lifting 3 times a week. I was able to do chest presses with 45 lb dumbbells and now I’m doing 25 lbs.

By 9pm last night I was starving. All that kept going through my mind was steak, chicken or these baked pea crisps

All thoughts of solid food dissipated once I remembered I had a post-workout shake coming my way along with 2 tbl of peanut butter, which I savored as if it was a garlic butter encrusted french fry.

I just need to chew something!

Things are really taken for granted, like chewing solid food. When your strawberry sugar free fiber tablet becomes the highlight of your day you know that youâ??ve turned some kind of corner.

Iâ??ve found myself looking for loopholes in the diet. Itâ??s strange how much of a mental thing this is. I just need to chew something. I ate a celery stick which tasted like heaven (never thought I would say that) and instead of putting the peanut butter in my 5th shake I just ate it off the spoon. I also bought 10 calorie sugar free Jello packs with intentions to cut some calories out to fit that in. But other than that I havenâ??t strayed a bit, but without drinking Diet Coke I think I might not have made it.

However, the first three days I found myself craving proteins like grilled chicken and steak, which then lead me to just think about eating any solid food. This diet has made me grateful for food in general and has given me a greater appreciation for even the most basic of foods. As they say it changes the way you look at food altogether. I can definitely see my future eating habits change for the better.

I’ve Made Peace.

So it’s now Day 5 and I have finally made peace with my shake diet. The first three days were probably the hardest, but since yesterday afternoon I find myself not longing for solid food or even wanting to think about it. On my way home from work yesterday I saw some burger joint billboards, smelled some BBQ cooking outside and actually felt physically nauseous.

After reading some other training logs from others online, it seems like Day 19 is the breaking point, and you no longer even want to look at a shake and have to pretty much force it down. I think the daily celery stalk has helped my mental state, so perhaps I will make it longer than that.

I’ve been taking my supplements like clockwork and my Superfood supplement just came in the other day. This made a huge difference in hunger pangs as well as energy. Before I was eating a handful of blueberries to compensate, but I felt like I was starving and my energy was really low. I’ve also noticed that my skin is looking better. I have had severe acne problems and have been seeing dermatologists for years.

My latest one says that it’s mostly due to stress. He had my skin getting under control, but after the diet/exercise/supplements it’s almost perfect! There are number of factors that could contribute to this: exercise, the omega-3s, higher water consumption, or it could be I had an allergy to something that I am no longer eating.

My body is still a little sore today. My mid-section, quads, biceps, triceps, forearms and lower back have really been feeling the burn these last days. But I feel good and want to keep going at it!

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