Your Views on Diet with Indigo-3G


Chris, I would like to know how your view of diet has changed since your Indigo-3G use? What would your diet look like now if you did not have Indigo-3G?


Indigo-3G, being a nutrient repartitioning agent, allows more carbs of course, and 10-12 weeks of continued use may “fix the fat cell” and nutrient uptake mechanisms.

So my non-Indigo diet would include more clean carbs, mostly rice, potato, quinoa, some oatmeal, and more peri-workout nutrition. But I’d still avoid wheat, flour, etc. Indigo has also allowed me to build more muscle so overall calories would ramp up to support that.


Chris: Lots of questions?

  1. How do you think you would be eating now if you had not have been exposed to Indigo?
    2)What was your impression of your meat and fat diet?
  2. Without Indigo, what would you recommend to someone in regards to an eating plan? Would you say that this answer is different from before you Indigo experience and your current perception of carbs?
  3. Do you buy into Taubes’ theory that it is the carbohydrate that makes us fat?
  4. Maybe it is Robert Lustig’s theory that we become insulin resistent and develop fatty liver/metabolic syndrome due to our exposure/over-exposure to fructose? This sets us up for a broken fat cell and limits our ability to handle most carbs due to the damage done by fructose.
  • I think that a little more biochem theory with Indigo would be great and really help with how Indigo fixes the fat cell and repartitions glucose to the muscle
  1. How does one determine all this? Is it as simple as fasting glucose levels? Could one do this with a home glucometer? Would you think that resting glucose or post-pariandal glocuse levels would be most important?
  • I guess that is it for now. I am sure that I will think of some more in the future. Hope that you follow my train of thought. I think that I have some thoughts of my own worked out on this, but I would like to see what you think to help work out my thoughts. I really appreciate your answers to a person that is not putting $$$ down for the Indigo.

  1. Much lower carb, close to what my “100 Gram Carb Cure” plan calls for.

  2. Neat way to drop fat and bloat quickly, but no way to love. Mood sucked, and you need insulin to build muscle. Good plan for an obese person needing to drop weight quickly though.

  3. Check out the book “Wheat Belly.” A breadless/pastaless diet is the way to go for everyone, but no need to fear good clean carbs like sweet potatoes and a little rice.

  4. For the most part, but wheat is the real bad guy. No one ever got fat from beans, potatoes and carby peri-workout supplements.

  5. Fructose can easily be over-done, for sure.

  6. No need to go that extreme. A few experiments with diet will let you know in a month or two.



Good talk at the AHS. Here Gary Taubes implicates sugar as the primary cause of insulin resistance which then makes handeling most, if not all, carbs poorly.

Maybe Indigo can fix this broken pathway??? Just need to keep reading and researching. What are your thoughts? Appreciate it.