Your Velocity Diet Experiences?


I am just wondering if there is anybody out there that has done the Velocity diet. i am really interested in doing it, but i was just wondering if it was worth it?


Well, there are three V-Diet forums with feedback and logs. This thread is in one of them. Links to others at the top of this page.


I am doing it right now and it is totally worth it. I am only on day 9, but the results from week 1 was so impressive that I can’t help but love it already. I lost a whopping 8.8lbs(4kg) in the first week. That’s fucking I-N-S-A-N-E!

It’s is an extreme diet so I expected to drop above normals lbs of fat. Maybe 4.4lbs(2kg) If I was lucky. I never dreamed I would have to multiply my expectations with 2.