Your Cast Iron Skillet


Did you use coconut oil to season it instead of vegetable oil? I just bought a really nice cast iron skillet & would rather not use vegetable oil if I didn’t have to. Thank you!


Coconut oil should be fine. Many recommend just leaving the bacon grease in and wiping it down with a paper towel.

If you bought a really nice cast iron skillet, it could be pre-seasoned. Lodge brand does this. You won’t need to re-season it unless you wash it with soap accidentally or something. Most recommend a once per year re-season, but I find that’s not needed with good stuff like Lodge pre-seasoned.

Cleaning tip: Wash with very hot water and scrub with coarse sea salt if something is stuck.


Thank you for the information & tip & quick reply that was fast. I got an Emeril which is pre-seasoned…their website just recommended pre-seasoning it before the first use.


The rough container that onions come in bunched up works really well for a non-abrasive scrub.


Thanks you Corstijeir …great idea!


There is a science-based answer to your question - there are far better oils than coconut oil to season with. Once seasoned coconut oil will be fine to use but seasoning is about building up a chemically hardened layer to cook on.

This is a really good run down of how to season - - the short answer being use Flax Seed Oil.