You Guys Rock


I just wanted to post a big thanks to Biotest. I’d read a few posts here and there of other people getting freebies, but I just assumed it was for level 4 folks or people who are super involved with the forums. So imagine my surprise when I open my latest order last night, and it’s got a sample pack of brain candy!

Seriously, you guys are on a roll, especially with the recent price changes. You’ve got a happy customer here. Thanks again. I’ll try to remember to post some feedback on the brain candy when I try it.


You’re very welcome, Protestari.

Tim Patterson always goes the extra mile when it comes to customer appreciation. “I work for them,” he says often.

Enjoy the <a href=""target=“new”>Brain Candy!


I’ve never tried Brain Candy and was considering it with the most recent discount that was being provided… So it was a great surprise when I opened my order and there was a free sample pack of Brain Candy. Looking forward to giving this a try tomorrow morning.

Thank you Biotest !