You Could Tell a New V-Dieter 1 Thing?


I received my V-Diet package today, and am going to start on Sunday. My question to everybody that has completed the V-Diet is, if you could give a newbie one piece of advice, What would it be?


I’ll say some things I was told so far, still on the diet by the way!

1.Get your shakes ready for the day by using a zip lock bag!
2.If possible get rid or give any food away you might be tempted to cheat on (I threw out snacks I had in my bedroom)
3. If your not always so busy get a hobby! (Rosetta Stone is pretty nice if you want to learn a new language)
4. Change up how you make your shakes! I found out a week in I love them with cold water shaken, not blended!
5. I like to have some motivational stuff lying around. Maybe a quote on your wall, I put Ricky Bruch up and I also bought some books “Mass Made Simple” and “The End of Over Eating”

  1. Remember the workouts, its not hard and you won’t have to think during them. Just do them and go hard! It’s rough if your not used to training that way but it’s over in no time (literally).

That’s everything off the top of my head! Best of luck~!


Thanks KC, those sound like good ideas.


The #1 reason for lack of success or minimal success with the V-Diet is… not doing the V-Diet.

In other words, some people change it so much that it’s not a V-Diet anymore – different workout, different supplements, etc. and it doesn’t work as well for them.

For best results, follow the plan to a T.


I’m going to post pre and post pictures. I’m not going to change anything about the diet. I want to see the 100% results.


Awesome. Keep us posted!


What Chris said.

You have to be smart enough to know you aren’t smart enough to be changing things around.

Keeping an active log is a great motivator.

Buy several plastic containers so you can pre-mix the dry contents of your shakes ahead of time, that way you don’t have to carry around tubs of stuff everywhere, just your containers and add water.

If there is any doubt, ask the question. There are a lot of people who will follow your log and can offer advice.

Good luck. I look forward to following your progress.

  • Use extracts to change the flavoring around. Orange and Lemon were my favorites.

  • You’d be late for this one, but I’d recommend going low carb for several days before the V Diet, mainly to get your body used to functioning on low carb intake. The biggest complaint I’ve seen is the effects of sudden carb withdrawal (headaches, feeling lightheaded, etc.). The last time I did the V Diet, I went low carb several days beforehand and it was the easiest transition I’ve had vs having a regular amount of carbs.