Yet Another V-Diet Thread [COMPLETED]

After much deliberation i’ve decided to do it, I have to admit I’m a little weary, i am a cheapskate by nature so I’m hoping this just blows me away with it’s success.

I intend to have a very extensive log so hopefully you guys can smack me if I do something wrong.

I just ordered everything tonight, intend to start 3/16 so I will update with pictures and measurements sometime before then.

Results Post

Alright so today is the last day and Easter has been hectic for me as I’m sure it has been for you all that have family that celebrate it.

I weighed this morning: 220. I was disappointed but what can you do.

Rather than go over my log I’ll just give my impressions of the program but I want to give a little preface first.

Biotest has earned a lifelong customer in me, their products are quality products; more impressive than that is the fact that they treated me like a valued customer as opposed to some random guy trying their stuff. I had a small anomaly, not even a problem, with my order and when I called to ask about it they went so far above and beyond what i expected in their solution that I thought the rep was joking at first. My favorite product was probably Surge, the taste is great and it’s something I feel working.

Ok on to the diet itself.

I’ve been struggling with how to describe my results for the people with ADD who will only read success/fail and stop there. I’ve settled on ‘positive experience’ which I still feel is inadequate.

I expected a lot from this program and perhaps my expectations weren’t realistic, and while I acknowledge all that I accomplished on this program I did in fact expect more. My results are on the lower end of the spectrum for this program. That being said, the results were still adequate, It was a solid step towards the goal I am trying to achieve, the stride is simply smaller than expected. The other element that bares mentioning is the cost, I’m not sure my results really justify the cost, that’s just me personally though, several other people on these boards have enjoyed greater success.

As for the process of the diet itself, the initial week was hell with all the mental effects I suffered, if I hadn’t started during spring break where I could basically do whatever I wanted, things would have been twice as hard. After my body acclimated to the HOT-ROX (I assume that was the source of my problems, perhaps erroneously) it was actually pretty easy to follow. What really stood out was the workouts, they were challenging but really fun and fulfilling as well, with the exclusion of the V-Burn, I hated that bitch.

I hope that my log and this post has helped/will help others in deciding whether or not to follow the program. I have tried to be as objective as possible. I probably won’t be using this method again, but I won’t rule it out entirely. Fact of the matter was I still lost 11 lbs and weight loss is certainly something I struggle with in spite of fairly healthy eating.

Thanks to the few people who posted.

Awesome. Keep us posted.

Good luck, I know how you feel.

Alright, still got things running through my mind so more questions

What would be the best course of action to take after the V-Diet?

I’m 230 lbs right now, and I hope to be 20 ls leaner by the end of this, that still leaves me overweight though. I want to take advantage of the momentum I will build up through the V-Diet. Is there a recommended course of action post V-Diet?

[quote]Maleficus wrote:

What would be the best course of action to take after the V-Diet?

I’m 230 lbs right now, and I hope to be 20 ls leaner by the end of this, that still leaves me overweight though. I want to take advantage of the momentum I will build up through the V-Diet. Is there a recommended course of action post V-Diet?


First, succeed with the V-Diet.

Not that there’s anything wrong with optimism; it’s just that your mental efforts right now need to be on starting and finishing the diet first. It takes focus, just don’t want you to get distracted by thinking too far ahead.

As for your question, the Transition guidelines – first two weeks or so after the 28-day V-Diet – are found here:

After that it’s up to you, based on your results and new goals. Some eat cleanly for 4-6 weeks, then hit another V-Diet if needed. Lots of other diet and training options are available in our archives.

Everything just got here, been getting more and more psyched as each day goes by.

Day 1 so far:

March 16
Shake 1: 10:15 AM
Starting Weight: 231.4
NEPA: 55 minutes 59 seconds
HOT-ROX (1): 11:20
Shake 2: 1:15 PM

I’m having some troubles getting shake 2 down, first one was strawberry which wasn’t much of anissue, this is chocolate and it’s so thick i’m going to have to dilute it next time. My stomach is telling me ‘no thanks we’re full’ I hope the chocolate isn’t an issue as I have 4 bottles of it…

Also experiencing a little mental fog, I don’t know what’s up with that. Nothing major, just a slight… haze.

I do not care for the chocolate either, I mix it with instant coffee, kinda of like and iced latte.

Good luck and I look forward to your journal.


Alright, the rest of Day 1

Height 71"
Weight 231.4
Neck 16 4/16"
Shoulders 51"
Chest - Upper 42" nipple line
Chest - Lower 38 3/4" tip of xiphoid process
Waist - at Navel 39 15/16"
Waist - at largest 40 1/16"
Hips - at largest 43 3/4"
Upper Arm - L 14 14/16"
Upper Arm - R 14 2/16"
Upper Leg - L 23 15/16"
Upper Leg - R 24 1/16"
Lower Leg - L 15 10/16"
Lower Leg - R 16 3/16"
Ankle - L 10 2/16"
Ankle - R 10"

DB Squat: 13-10-9-8 weight: 90 lbs
DB BP: 9-10-8-9-5 35 lb DBs
DB Bent-Over Row: 8-6-8-5-6-7 30 lb DBs
Plank: 1.00.42 minutes

Surge: 2:50 PM
Shake 3: 5:10 PM
HOT-ROX (1): 6:45 PM
Shake 4: 8:30

haven’t had the last shake yet so, 11:30ish.

Thoughts: This is going to be harder than I anticipated, but as long as it works, it will be worth it. I really wish I hadn’t ordered the chocolate though, those are a real pain in the ass to get through.

Oh, and one other question, the FAQ says diet soda is ok just try to avoid ones with caffeine, is that correct? Will this interfere with the development of better eating habits by having something sweet? I don’t want to do anything detrimental to the program.

I lied, one more question, do I have to mix the peanut butter into the last shake or can i just eat it by itself? it seems like this would be fine but just wanted to clarify.

HOT-ROX (1): 11:00 AM
Shake 1: 11:30
NEPA: 52.38 Mins
shake 2: 2:30
HOT-ROX (1): 5:10: PM
Shake 3: 5:30 PM
shake 4: 9:00PM

Shake 5 soonish.

Today was a breeze, no problems.

It’s pathetic how much I look forward to 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

The world is conspiring against me, for one reason or another i’ve been woken up at least twice each night since I started this diet.

HOT-ROX (2): 11:30
Shake 1: 12:00

Romanian DL: 14-9-7-8-6-6 135 lbs
Lat Pulldown: 14-10-8-8-5-5
Shoulder Press: 12-10-8-5-5-5-5 25lb DB’s
Side Plank: L: 26, 29. R: 36, 28

Surge: 1:00

Some hefty nausea today, i think it’s because of the proximity between shake 1, workout, and recovery shake though.

Rest of Day 3:
Shake 2: 3:00
HOT-ROX (2): 5:30
Nepa: 57:28
Shake 3: 7:00
Shake 4: 10:00
Shake 5: 12:30

I do not think diet soda is allowed at all, besides the calories and sweetner, I think it would, somehow, take away the “change” in taste the V-Diet is supposed to implement. However, I am not sure, I would post the question to Chris.

Best of luck,

diet soda is ok. I’ve seen Chris post about it in the past. You just watch out for extra caffeine. At least that is the way I remember it.

Thanks for the posts guys, I use it pretty sparingly, a swig or 2 a day.

Day 4:

HOT-ROX (2); 10:20
Shake 1: 11:00
NEPA 52:15
Shake 2: 2:10
Shake 3: 4:30
HSM: 8:00 (Chicken, Broccoli, Grapes)
Shake 5: 11:00ish


I would totally avoid the diet soda due to all the crap that goes into those drinks. There is more to diet soda than just the calories. research up on it.

I’ve pretty much gone cold turkey and drink water since it is also helpful in keeping you hydrated and cleaning out your system of the junk that diet sodas and other stuff leave in it.

Keep up the good work!


Alright, mental status report update.

I’ll say it, it sucks feeling run down all the time. I’m tired all day and everything takes more mental focus, specifically reading. I read every spare second I get, but it’s reaching the point where maintaining my focus on the book is becoming increasingly difficult.

It’s easy enough to push through to keep going, but I am a bit concerned about how this is going to effect me during school. I felt it was a good thing to do this during spring break so I could go through any/all adjustments before returning to my daily grind, concerns are mounting though.

Cue the people telling me I’m a pansy ass.

Day 5:

HOT-ROX (2): 10:40
Shake 1: 11:00
Sumo Deadlift: 9-10-7-6-5-3 145lbs
DB Incline Bench Press: 11-9-8-7-5 30 lb DBs
Lat Pulldown - Wide: 8-5-6-6-5-4-6 140lbs
Plank: 56 seconds
Surge: 1:45
Shake 2: 3:00
HOT-ROX (2): 4:50
Shake 3: 6:00
Shake 4: 9:00 - Used my new Blender Bottle… everything seemed to be blended just fine yet it tasted bad so idk what the deal is.
Shake 5: 11:30 or so

Day 6:
HOT-ROX (2): 10:40
Shake 1: 11:40
Shake 2: 2:40
V-Burn 39:32
Shake 3: 5:40
Shake 4: 8:50
Shake 5: 11:30 or so.

You’re not a pansy ass. You’re body’s just adjusting. But yeah it sucks. I know it. I wanted to break things I felt so bad for the first 4 days. Are you feeling better by now?

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