Yes, Another V-Diet Log

Here are my measurements:

Neck: 15.25
Upper Arm: 15
Forearm: 12
Chest: 41.25
Waist: 35
Hips: 42.25
Thigh: 25
Calf: 16.25
(All in inches)

Weight: 198 (this is weird because I’ve very recently been 202-204. Same scale)

Bodyfat (calipers): 16%

I start tomorrow!

I work 7P-7A…which means sometimes I’m up for 20 hours and get less than 8 hours sleep. Do I need to adjust daily calorie counts for that?

Using the formula, I got 1500 cals on non-workout days and 1800 on workout days. That’s rounding up from 1470-ish and 1751. Should I round down?

Another photo:

And today the diet actually begins!

First shake is Banana with flax and Superfood. Filling!

Starting out with one HRX.

Can’t wait to see what I look like at the other end of this…

I’m looking forward to see how you’re going to look after the V-Diet too.

Keep on tracking.

I gotta get someone else to take the pics - I look weird in these photos.

Also, I feel light-headed. I hope I can do my job on this diet.

I’m on the third day, and maybe I’m insane, but I’m not craving pizza, candy, cake, fast-food, etc.

I’m craving peaches…and grapes. I’m craving a grass-fed T-bone, corn on the cob, and a small sweet potato.

The third day of this diet is going better than the first two - I thought the hunger was going to kill me the first two days. I’ve spread out the HOT-ROX though…taking only one capsule at a time, spread over a few hours - may take a third capsule during work tonight.

Wow…I’m really wishing I was still on my stimulant ADHD meds while on this diet - it would make it a lot easier.

Anyway, the hunger is subsiding.

keep going strong friend

i didn’t think it would be like hell either lol

Here’s a ‘flexed’ before photo - it was taken about five days before I started the V-Diet (yes, those are over-the-glasses-granny-sunglasses - I’m tired of losing prescription sunglasses).

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