Yeast Control With A V-Diet

Hi all,

Have debated about posting my V-Diet experience, but finally decided that my predicament my help others. So here goes …

Basically, nothing aside from massive hours working out each day would keep my weight in check. I am a 29 y/o father of two boys and simply don’t have the time to spend hours in the gym daily any longer (especially working too much as is often the case).

Trying to be moderate resulted in no progress, and in fact eating cleaner, adding back in workouts, and adjusting calories down slightly actually resulted in weight/fat gain!?! Anyway, more info in my other thread for those that are curious:

A short while ago though I was able to determine that a yeast overgrowth was responsible for most of my problems. An excessive sweet tooth is an established part of yeast infections, but I also think it was responsible for my gagging when consuming most any veggie -

This went beyond simple dislike of the taste, I basically couldn’t bring myself to swallow in most cases and this has been a regular happening since I was in high school. I had been battling secondary yeast infections since I started having real problems with my waist size, depression, etc.

But didn’t realize they were all just a result of yeast overgrowth throughout the body and that this overgrowth was responsible for causing numerous other issues as well. I thought they were isolated events, but they aren’t - they are a systemic issue that needs to be addressed at that level.

I began the V-Diet on March 1st as a way to keep from feeding the yeast anything that might help it and thus far it has gone pretty smoothly aside from battling my candida die-off symptoms (which completely suck).

But now that I know that is what they are I am not going to succumb to going back to old habits even though I know it will make me feel better. I chose the most extreme approach possible for a kickstart to getting things under control and to help address my palate issues.

I was eating clean for weeks before that but hadn’t added in any veggies yet … I plan to do so with my HSM tomorrow.

Have no idea if I will be able to see the V-Diet through the full 28 days, but I could think of nothing better for preserving muscle while nixing everything that might possibly help the yeast overgrowth continue to thrive. If nothing else I think this is the perfect springboard for getting things under control.

The die-off symptoms basically make you feel a million times worse, but knowing it is just a way to trick you back into feeding it the things it can thrive on makes a difference. I am going through cycles of bad to worse as I increase my yeast fighting supplementation.

Basically, when it starts feeling a bit better I increase and help drive it off further. No idea how much increasing of those supplements I will do - just depends on my fortitude I suppose.

Of course a bunch of places online recommend backing off until things feel better, but those same places often spout out that it will take years to address the problem … screw that!

For supplementation, in addition to the V-Diet pills and powders, I added in a yeast cleansing supplement (containing garlic, tea tree oil, caprylic acid, and some other yeast fighting things) as well as a bunch of Probiotics. For clearing out toxins faster I added in milk thistle and activated charcoal.

I didn’t change my training routine and am still doing my 4x a week gymnastics style workout on my rings at home. Was able to get in all sessions this week and they felt pretty solid so I’m happy in that regard.

I didn’t want to wait until my current training cycle was done to start feeling better so I figure’d to just do what I could using the diet portion of the V-Diet and it seems to be working okay.

If anybody else has issues with yeast infections I would highly recommend using the V-Diet as a precursor to an anti-candida style diet. But be prepared for the die-off reaction and know what it is so you don’t fall back into prior habits to temporarily feel better.

  • Chris

Starting Measurements - 2009-03-01

[quote]Height:[/quote] 5’ 6"

[quote]Weight:[/quote] 187.4

[quote]Neck:[/quote] 17.75"

[quote]Chest:[/quote] 43.00"

[quote]Shoulders:[/quote] 49.50"

[quote]Upper Abs:[/quote] 38.00"

[quote]Waist:[/quote] 38.00"

[quote]Hips:[/quote] 38.00"

[quote]L. Thigh:[/quote] 23.25"

[quote]R. Thigh:[/quote] 23.25"

[quote]L. Calf:[/quote] 15.00"

[quote]R. Calf:[/quote] 15.00"

[quote]L. Bicep:[/quote] 15.25"

[quote]R. Bicep:[/quote] 15.25"

[quote]L. Forearm:[/quote] 12.75"

[quote]R. Forearm:[/quote] 12.75"

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