Wrapping it Up


I have seen some of the threads on here about how the diet has failed, not working as it should, etc… but honestly, if you follow it, it will work.
I did not follow it exactly, but it worked for me. Lost about 10 lbs of fat, kept my muscle mass and felt pretty good. For me, I am an eater, and the first week with one HSM was not going to do it for me. What I did do was kept to the plan, supplements, and workouts, but had a good dinner every night. It was fish or chicken, yam or broccoli, 1 cup of BROWN rice (not the fake crap), a salad, and all water.

Setting that aside, did I follow the diet exactly, NO. Did I follow it 90% of the way and see results, YES. How you take this is entirely up to you. Am I bashing the system, NOT AT ALL! This program works. Would I have seen better results, maybe but I am not complaining. I like the system, and will definitely stay on the course with this program. I would suggest those who are seeking results to review it THOROUGHLY before leaping into this and NOT try to use other supplements or products as they are not designed to work with the program. If you deviate and don’t see results, then it is on you and not T-Nation. I thought I could skip dinners six days a week, but as an eater, that was not going to work for me.

I stand by my decision to follow the program as close as possible and am not bashing or saying it did not work because the results speak for themselves.

Keep up the good work guys!


Sounds like you did what I’ve nicknamed the “V-Diet Lite.” Congrats on your hard work and results!


Thanks Chris. Appreciate all the effort put forth on the plan. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people doing the exact same thing day in and day out with no results to show for it. In this game, DIET is the keystone and one must understand that to be successful. The number of people that just go through the motions with no thought are missing the target. Diet is key and the right supplementation program is what makes the difference between success or failure, in any endeavor.

Go luck to all.