Wow Chris! I've Gotta Say

As a former collegiate athlete, I’ve spent my fair share of time in the gym, and even when my dietary habits shifting towards heavy carb consumption after graduation last year, I never slacked off with my gym sessions. Only my cardio, haha. Needless to say, even looking at the advanced V-Diet training program, it just wasnt apparent to me how the workout could be sufficient, compared to the training I had been doing.

Boy, was I ever wrong. The strict rest period and as-many-sets-as-it-takes approach has been INSANE. It must be a year and a half since the last time I experienced a truly good pump in my chest and that “on the verge of cramping up” feeling in my quads.

Incredible program, just incredible. As a former pitcher, I’m a sucker for punishment. I’m about 7 days in, and loving every minute of it. Regardless of exactly how much weight or body fat I ultimately drop, it’s comforting to be in a rigid diet where I at least know I wont be losing any muscle. Thanks a ton for all the feedback on our threads, as well!

Thanks for input! Coach Waterbury did a great job on the V-Diet program. I gave him the guidelines for it to match it with the diet and he really knocked it out of the park.

I get the occasional note that the program is “too easy”, but after some questioning I soon learn that the person is doing it wrong. So, you’re right, do it by the letter – following rest period guidelines, tempos, and weekly progressions – and it’s a killer workout.

Anybody who says these workouts are ‘too easy’ is either:

  1. In fantastic physical condition
  2. Lying (not following tempos)

After initially considering myself intermediate, I had to back down to the beginner program in week 2 as I literally couldn’t keep the tempo/intensity…even the beginner program had me ready to lose my lunch a few times.

Only issues I ever had with the workouts (and it’s the same with any program that staggers exercises) was frustration when I’d lose tempo when I had to wait for people to get off a machine as I cycled through.

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