Worried about Weight Loss

Hi Guys, loving your work here and I have to say the results are amazing, maybe too amazing but lets get to that later.

To give you a brief background of myself I am 25, 5’9 and I started off on the v-diet at 172 lbs. I hadn’t trained in a year, I got a bad rugby inury which put me out of action for 6 months, then I went travelling and then just as I was about to get stuck in I broke my ankle at the beginning of May in 3 places wakeboarding.

I used to be quite fit but an awful diet (pizzas, pizzas and pizzas) and being quite injury prone has left me in need of work. Actually to be fair I am not in that bad of shape considering the crap I have been through so I suppose I can put that down to good genes.

Anyway I started the v-diet without giving my body any time to adjust, literally came across it on the internet, ordered a pizza that night and next day went to the supplements shop and joined the gym (yes I am very impulsive…)

I am on Day 8 and the results are pretty impressive/shocking, strength has improved greatly due to doing weights for the firt time in 18 months and weight has literally fallen off me, I am down to 160 lbs…

My question is is this sort of weight loss normal, not sure of I want to be dropping below 150 lbs as I play rugby and this could affect my performance, comments are appreciated and if I wasnt so shy I would post pictures, I have taken some already and maybe when I complete the v-diet I will show you guys…

Little above normal but nothing too much, I dropped 11 pounds the first week.

[quote]Higgins wrote:
Little above normal but nothing too much, I dropped 11 pounds the first week.[/quote]

Wow this really is an incredible regime then, also does anyone experience light headedness, get it alot when I am working at and I have very bad sleeping patterns…

I had headaches for the first few days, but nothing really bad since then. Sometimes, when I am truly hungry–not ‘bored hungry’ I feel a little lightheaded. Nothing a shake won’t fix. And I avoided the whole crappy sleep thing by buying Melatonin. Works wonders!

Good luck!

I had the same reaction as you just did. I lost 10 pounds the 1st week a part of it is water loss. Do not worry. Usually weight loss tend to slow down a lot the sencond week for most people…

[quote]shonaa wrote:
I had the same reaction as you just did. I lost 10 pounds the 1st week a part of it is water loss. Do not worry. Usually weight loss tend to slow down a lot the sencond week for most people…


Thanks, just got a little worried as the inches around my stomach shrank rapidly and weight from my face just fell off so I was pretty concerned.

Quick question, I have not had a cheat meal yet and I fancy something, are there any rules with regards this, say for example could I pick up the phone now and order a pizza for the fun of it or should I have pasta or something??


I think you would be better off with a good protein (steak, shrimp etc.) and a good vegie salad, broccoli, brussel sprouts etc. I would stay away from the pasta & pizza. High carbs and probably would tend to put the water weight back on.


The HSM (Healthy Solid Meal) is not a cheat meal at all. In fact, you can derail the diet and definitely ruin the taste/craving changes if you make it a cheat meal of bad foods.

Think lean protein, steamed veggie, salad, small “clean” starch.

My favorite HSM:

8 oz sirloin
Steamed broccoli
Spinach salad with olive oil and vinegar
Naked sweet potato (no toppings)

Just a question: have you read the articles about the actual V-diet?

Chris says specifically that one HSM (healthy solid meal) is to be consumed each week, specifically a protein and vegetable. Pizza and pasta aren’t on the list. HSM doe not equal cheat junk meal.

Also, you said you went to the supplements shop and started right away. As far as I know, a lot of supplement shops don’t have the Biotest products. Are you using the Biotest products?

If not, your calories might be off. Did you calculate properly? If not, then that might lead to greater weight loss.

I’m going to be starting the V-diet on Monday (the day after my birthday) and have spent the last few weeks reading all I can and have ordered all the proper Biotest products. I’m going to do it as written and I recommend that to anyone else trying it.

Doh! Chris beat me to it.

Well it is day 13/14 and I am finding it very tough, my strength is continuing to grow and I have lost alot of weight around my face (jawline, yaaaaay) and chest, moobs have been replaced with pecs, who knew there was muscle under there…

Love handles are still slightly present and there is a slight gut but as it took me a couple years to get into this mess I am not expecting miracles overnight…

My food sense are really crazy now, was over in my friends house and he was cooking burgers and it was really nauseating to be arounf them, the smell was awful yet I knew it should be nice, was a very strange experience…

Overall it has been pretty good, I have yet to take a cheat meal and will take on Chris’s advice and grab a steak tomorrow with some vegies. I have been going for little jogs now that my ankle is getting slightly better but not going mad (I know only nepa but I gotta stengthen this ankle as well)…

Thanks for the advice guys, will let you know how weigh in goes tomorrow…

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