Workout Time and Dinner

Forgive me if this topic has been beaten to death, I couldn’t find anything in my search.

With my current workload and schedule I can squeeze my workout in at lunch time. I don’t get off work until late (military; 12-14 hour days). I don’t see there being a problem with working out at lunch, however the question comes in about the solid meal. Typically, you’d have your starchy carbs after your training session. Since I’m lifting at lunch, should I move the dinner to the meal after, or leave it for the evening? (If I do eat rice it’s obviously within the limits of the calorie intake, but you gotta take some pleasure in the meal right?!)

Also, that brings up another question. With me working so long during the day, should I maybe add a 1-scoop shake to my day?

  1. You can move the solid meal around if it better fits your schedule. But since Plazma has you well-covered for workout nutrition, it’s not as important to get carbs after training. (Pre and intra workout carbs are far more important than post.) Do whatever is most convenient for you.

  2. Doesn’t hurt to try it. Everyone is a bit different so that’s why that’s an option for the new V-Diet.

Awesome, thanks Chris!

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