Workout & Supps for an Old Fat Guy

Iâ??m in my late 50â??s and am at least 50 lbs. overweight, due to a mostly sedentary lifestyle over the last 20+ years. My goals are simply to lose fat, improve my health and gain functional strength. Iâ??ve made sporadic attempts to get in shape in the past, but had pretty much followed the old aerobic approach (mostly running), whereby I made some initial gains, ramped up the mileage and intensity when I plateaued, and then ended up injuring myself and stopping completely.

Iâ??m trying to do things a bit more intelligently this time around and would appreciate any advice that members might have. Iâ??ve been walking for about an hour/day for the last month, as a way to re-acclimate my body to some type of exercise without a high risk of injury. Originally I was trying to walk faster and cover more distance as I made improvements, but, after reading some articles on T-Nation about semi-fasted cardio, Iâ??ve slowed down to a 20 min./mile pace, which is comfortable and doesnâ??t elevate my heart rate too much. For the moment, Iâ??ve just been using up a 4 year-old bottle of Surge Recovery for my peri-workout nutrition, but I know I should improve that.

Iâ??m now at the point where I feel ready to incorporate some resistance and higher-intensity exercise into my routine as well. Iâ??d like to add 2 days or weight training (using the functional strength routines shown in Lou Schulerâ??s & Alwyn Cosgroveâ??s â??New Rules of Liftingâ??), 2 days of intervals and maybe 1 day of short high-intensity cardio per week. I work from home and it would be difficult for me to get to a gym, but I should be able to take an hour off in the late morning to do this workout in my basement. I have an elliptical machine, dumbbells, steps, a TRX and resistance bands available. It may not be much, but given my starting point, Iâ??m hoping that this will allow me to progress steadily over the next year or two.

Here is the routine that I envisage:

6:00 Get up, take 1 shot of Brain Candy

6:15 â?? 7:15 1 hour walk (either outside or on an elliptical), drinking 1 serving of MAG-10 during the walk

7:30 Breakfast (including 2 Flameout pills)

10:30 Take 6 Indigo-3G

11:00 â?? 12:00 Workout (Surge Workout or Plazma)

12:30 Lunch

1:00 MAG-10

3:00 Superfood

6:30 6 Indigo-3G

7:00 Dinner (including 2 more Flameout pills)

My understanding is that I should cut back to 6 Indigo-3G after 2-3 months. I might also think about adding HOT-ROX at that time if Iâ??ve plateaued. All of this is very expensive (almost $600/mo.), so Iâ??ll probably need to cut back to just the essential items at some point. Iâ??m willing to invest at this level for several months though, if it produces measureable results.

Iâ??d appreciate any feedback that anyone might have about these plans and proposed supplements. I also have a few questions as well:

  • In the Semi-Fasted Cardio article, Dr. Lowery recommended 100 mg. of caffeine in the morning. Brain Candy has 300 mg. Would it be okay to take the caffeinated Brain Candy, or would it be better to take the decaf along with a caffeine pill?

  • Should I push my lunch back until early afternoon after Iâ??ve taken the post-workout MAG-10?

  • Are 12 Indigo-3G/day too many given that my workouts wonâ??t be anywhere near as intense as a typical T-Nation memberâ??s?

  • Iâ??ve been taking 2 Flameout pills/day for the last several years, as 4 seems like a lot to me. Should I really up my dosage that much given my proposed workout schedule?

  • Would Surge Workout be better than Plazma for intervals and short, high-intensity cardio?

Thanks for your help.

1.Yes, <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 is a great choice for semi-fasted cardio.

  1. Your schedule looks good. Sounds like you’re using the old instructions for <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G. You can now take it only once per day, pre workout or pre-dinner on non-lifting days. Two dose per day is still fine too. If budget is an issue, one dose will do the trick.

  2. Most people who use Indigo-3G find that don’t need a dedicated fat burner, so you can save some bucks there or only use Hot-Rox if fat loss starts to really slow down after a couple of months.

  3. Brain Candy is fine if you tolerate it well. You could even do half a serving and store the rest in the fridge for the next day.

  4. Lunch: Up to you. You’re just starting up with solid weight training, so you may not need the full-blown protocol just yet.

  5. Flameout: for best effects, follow label directions.

  6. Intervals: Mag-10 is best for your goals.

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