Workout Seems Minor. Add Exercises?

I’m thinking of starting this plan this week. I’m a 53 yr old advanced female lifter with a few minor arthritic issues and a few extra pounds of fat to lose. The diet will be a challenge for sure but I’m concerned about the very few lifts in this program. I keep thinking I’m missing something. Four exercises on Monday for example with one of them being an ab exercise. Would it be a bad idea to add more?

I mean, yeah, that’s technically correct. But they’re four big-bang exercises that hit the entire body. You don’t need a ton of exercises in each workout to get kickass results. The plan does have you doing four total-body workouts per week, three with weights and one bodyweight-only condition session.

I’d suggest at least trying a few workouts as-written to get some kind of feel for it. The way it’s programmed with total reps instead of the usual sets/reps is also one way it gets maximum results from just a few exercises.

The Velocity Diet plan was designed, training-side and nutrition-side, to coordinate for maximum results and it definitely delivers when followed to-the-letter. Some people do sometimes choose to use their own routine, which can be okay as long as it’s properly programmed to allow recovery and support fat loss.

It’s definitely possible to trip yourself up with a counterproductive training program, so that’s why following the original plan is a way to minimize variables and optimize results. As an advanced lifter, you probably have a handle on how to setup a training plan for yourself, but if you do want to go that route, it’d still be worth posting it up here to get some input on fine-tuning it.

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