Workout Problems, Nausea


Hey Chris, I am having a problem during my workouts. About halfway through I get extremely nauseous and today had to cut my session short and ended up vomiting about 10 minutes after. The nausea has happened every time. It does not feel like a intensity issue more like a low blood sugar problem, i.e. headache, nausea, cool and clammy sweating.

Have you had any knowledge or tips on this? I am thinking of lowering the weight I am using and see how that goes.


I’ve never heard of that happening and it’s difficult to “diagnose” via the 'net. Too many variables, from shake timing (shake too soon or too far away from workout) to totally extraneous factors unrelated to the diet or workout. How are you taking your Surge?

For now, sure, back off the training – train hard, but within your limit.


Thanks, I will lower my weights starting next week maybe do some other tweaks as well. I wanted to stay in the 80 to 85 percent range of my 1rm on my 5rm days but it is not going to go that way it looks like. Ill keep an update on my log.