Workout Nutrition on a Budget

I can’t afford Plazma…as much as I’d want to try it.

My workout nutrition right now is:
1 Finibar 45 pre-workout
1/2 serving of Surge Recovery 20 min pre-workout
1/2 of Surge Recovery to sip during 1 hour workout
1 serving Surge Recovery immediately after workout
1 Finibar 30 min after

That sound like a pretty good plan?
Any advice please?

All of that costs more than 2 servings of Plazma.

That’s not a bad plan at all. Your <a href=""target=“new”>Finibar plan is actually what I prefer to do as well. Surge Recovery is mainly a post-workout drink, but we have advised people to use it just before and intra once we learned the importance of peri-workout nutrition and not just post.

But I think StateofPsycholosis may be right: <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma, which is designed for peri-workout and much more advanced than Surge, may be less expensive to use in the long run. One serving pre-loaded before training and one serving during is still a very powerful workout cocktail.

Here’s what I’d suggest: keep your eyes peeled for a discount code offer (watch the front of the site as well as T Nation’s Twitter and Facebook pages.) When you see it, pick up a bottle or two of Plazma and try it using the “budget protocol” of just two servings. See what you think compared to your current plan. Again, your plan now isn’t bad, but if we can ramp it up and keep your cost about the same, we think you’ll like Plazma much more than ol’ Surge Recovery.

Simple math (using 2 or more purchases)

$8.80 for what you are using above.

$6.50 for two servings of plazma.

Add a FINiBAR before Plazma and you are still paying less.

And you will be like the rest of us, Holy Crap this stuff is good.

I did the same as you (and similar) and now on Plazma. The cost is justified and I have the recoup power to prove it. I can go biking with my wife no problem after leg leg. Or any day for that matter.

I do the Plazma/MAG-10/FINiBAR. Work out four days a week with two conditioning days. I only take one plazma on shoulder days (due to nagging injuries that is rehabing right now).

And as noted above, look for the deals. I’m in Canada and also on a budget. With Duty, shipping charges and exchange, it is still worth it.

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