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Y.Timbawulf asks:

I signed on to T-Nation to get help with my training. I’m 43, divorced and work out but not seeing results. How do I get the information I’m looking for to get bigger muscle, lose the fat, increase my stamina, and get good abs? Also which supplements should I to take to fight fatigue and pain. I really appreciate your support in this matter.

For your workout questions, just use our search area here in the articles section: We have 15 years worth of workouts and free programs. Choose whatever appeals to you and fits your needs. Same with diet and nutrition. If you want a single plan to kick things off quickly, check out the V-Diet and the V-Diet workouts:

As for fatigue and pain, you need to be more specific. What hurts? What kind of pain? Do you need an energy boosting type of supplement? Scan through our list here and see what fits your needs: <a href=""target=“new”>Biotest Store We can help you round it down from there. Start by looking into Curcumin, Flameout, Alpha Male, Plazma for workouts, and Brain Candy.

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