Workout Adjustments with Injured Shoulder?

I just started the second week of the Velocity Diet and so far the workouts are great and I am loving it. However, I have a torn labrum in my right shoulder and also think I injured my rotator cuff recently. The push press, upright row, and any other upright motions have been extremely painful. I can still do them with lighter weight but I am starting to get concerned that I might get more injured with the more I do. Was wondering what alternative exercises I could do to combat this issue. TIA

Safety and longevity is always first. If you mess up your shoulder and mess up your training for months, you’re not going to see any results, so, yeah, get it checked out and consider some professional treatment/therapy if possible.

For the push press, using dumbbells with a neutral-grip is generally easier on the shoulder joints.

A landmine press is another joint-friendly option.

I’m not sure the program includes upright rows, so those you can probably scrap altogether. Doing them one-arm at a time with a dumbbell can be a little easier on the shoulder, but the exercise in general is just rough on the joint. Not sure which other exercises in particular are problematic, but let me know specifically and we can figure it out.

Worst case, just go by feel. If something hurts, either don’t do it at all or only use a pain-free range of motion.

Not upright row. Bent over row. My mistake. It starts to be problematic about halfway through the workout. I can grin and bear it up until then. Most difficulty comes from any thing with a pushing motion (pike push ups, push-ups, push press, etc…) Also, hand walkouts are as well.

Ah, dude, sounds like your shoulders really are pretty rough. I’d cut the range of motion as much as you can, try to avoid training through pain, and get it addressed directly ASAP.

Generally, dumbbells and bands are going to be easier on the joints than barbells for sure. Luckily, the diet part of the Velocity Diet does the lion’s share of fat loss. The workouts are primarily for muscle preservation, so as long as you’re doing some lifting, you should be good on that end.

Adapting the workouts as needed, or subbing in a more customized plan that sticks to the general template for recovery, is fine.

Yessir. I’ve been doing the one arm landmine presses (with both arms) and it has helped. Upright rows are still a little rough but not too bad. Pike push-ups are nearly impossible. I’m getting by though

Should be just about wrapped up with the plan by now. How’d things end up?

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