Working with an Injury


The day before I started Velocity, I suffered a high ankle sprain. I am in a boot for at least 2 weeks and will know more after my follow up appt with the ortho on Oct. 6. I am on Day 4 right now and have been doing the advanced weight training program and just adjusting to my right leg on the leg exercises. My ortho doc was very sports minded and said I could do anything I wanted upper body, just not to put strain or weight on the left leg. Do you have any further recommendations for me? Is making these small adjustments to some of the exercises ok as long as I am basically doing the prescribed exercise? Thanks Chris.



If you can pull it off, then go for it. But obviously you won’t be 100% as compared to being able to do all the training as prescribed. You can definitely get results though.


Yeah, I am still getting in good quality workouts and should have this boot off in another 10 days. I think the results will still be quality.