Work Counting as NEPA?


Hey Chris,

I posted about 2 or 3 weeks ago about wanting to start this being a little on the heavier side. Started to Plateau, fat loss is slowing, and my strength gains have leveled out, still a little overweight so I’m going to up the intensity for another month and see if i can drop anymore weight.

Going to order my diet package next month as that’s my goal to start, but my question is, i may be starting a new job double the hours (going from a 6-8 hr day to a 12-16 hr day outside laying cable) and in a construction type environment, and getting out of fast food. With this new job will the double hours and being outdoors count for NEPA till I’m used to the new work load or should i still do the extra NEPA for the day?

and, your blog/LiveSpills have been the inspiration that has kept me motivated during the time of things slowing down and feeling like I’m going at a snails pace.


Awesome! Glad to be of help.

NEPA: Here’s the thing to remember: more never hurts. NEPA is just non-cardio natural movement. As long as you’re not sitting still, it’s NEPA.

Now, you could probably skip the NEPA walks in the V-Diet plan if you’re doing physical labor all day. That would be fine. But if you have time and you feel like, go ahead and do the walks. They certainly won’t hurt.

I’d suggest playing it by ear. But don’t feel guilty if you’re skipping most of the NEPA given your non-sitting-on-your-ass work schedule!