Woppa's Successful V-Diet Thread

Gotta be positive, right?

Day 7 today, I’ve been out of work for a few days, so no internet access. Should have permanent access from now on, though, so regular updates.

Starting stats:

Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 202.5 lbs (Where’d that extra ten pounds come from?)
Neck: 16
Shoulders: 49
Upper Chest: 43
Lower Chest: 40
Waist - Navel: 38
Waist - Largest: Also 38 (Ah, that old classic, the Great British Beer Belly)
Hips: 41.5"
Arm: L - 14.5 R - 14
Thigh: L - 24.5 R - 24.5
Calf: L - 16 R - 16
Ankle: L - 9 R - 8.75

I’ve found this diet remarkably easy to date. Wednesday afternoon was tough, after the workout (intermediate level). That workout kicked my ass, I can tell you. I wasn’t ready for it. I was ready for Friday though, so wasn’t as knackered after that.

HSM yesterday was chicken stuffed with spinach and turkey bacon, sauteed peppers and onions, and some baked sweet potato.

V-Burn today and completed it in just shy of 36 minutes. Something to aim for next sunday.

I’ve got photos from day one on my camera, but can’t upload them here. I’ll have to wait until the phone line is fixed at my missus’s house.

That’ll do for now. Don’t want too long an initial post, especially without pictures.

Awesome. Keep us posted!

Weigh in this morning: 193 lbs. That’s 9.5 lbs lost!!! I weighed myself again to make sure I hadn’t got it wrong.

Can’t allow myself to get too excited, though, because it could be anomalous. I might “only” lose two or three pounds next week (which adds up to a rather nice loss over the fortnight) which would feel something of a failure after that massive amount.

Again, I’m at work, so no pictures or weights lifted or anything, but (shock horror!) my gf has had her phone line fixed, so I’m off into town to buy a router tomorrow, and we should be all internetted up nicely.

Then you can all see how hairy I am :slight_smile:
I bet you can’t wait.

Are those gummy bears?

Well, if you only lose a couple pounds after your awesome week 1, make sure to go by your measurements!

I CAN’T WAIT for the pictures…lol

Gummy bears? Where?

If it’s my avatar you’re talking about, they’re Hungry Hippos. For obvious reasons.

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