WO Supplement/Meal Timing

Debating whether or not to give Plazma and/or MAG-10 a shot. Currently, lifting 3 days/week (full body) for 45-60 min (big lifts/varied reps). Active Recovery 2 days/week. 6’1’’ - 180 lbs, almost 30. Pretty lean, but starting to pack on some abdominal fat as of late (skinny fat look - yuck). Typical WO day meal/sups:

7:00 AM - Breakfast w/ Flameout
11:30 AM - Lunch
5:00 PM - Snack
6:15 PM - 1/2 serving Surge Recovery (15 min pre-wo)
7:30 PM - 1/2 serving Surge Recovery (Post WO)
8:30 PM - Dinner
10:00 PM - ZMA

My initial thought would be to put 1 serving Plazma at 6:15, then 2nd serving during WO. With my dinner essentially within an hour after WO, debating whether MAG-10 is worth the investment there. If so, the question would be how to re-adjust the meal timing.

Non-WO and active recovery days look same minus the Surge. Curious if any sup even makes sense for active recovery (typically mixture of some bodyweight/mobility circuits or extended walks - 120 bpm heart rate range stuff.

Sure, just have your pre-load serving of <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma 15 minutes before training, 1 or 2 more servings during training (should be all consumed before the workout is over), then <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 sometime post-workout in the hour before dinner. Mag-10 is also perfect for conditioning-only workouts or active recovery workouts. 1 serving is all you need for those typically.

Thanks Chris. I think I’ll give it a shot and experiment a bit.

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