Wmccall's Velocity Diet Log

There don’t seem to be a lot of posts here which is a little disappointing but hey no biggie. We are still doing this. I am on Day 5. Work outs seemed too easy but I am definitely sore so something is working. The diet is super easy too. Although I was sick after 3 days. Maybe it was a purge? I never get hungry and actually 1 night I just couldn’t do the last shake. I needed to revamp and start them earlier in the day. Excited to see the results at the end.
Male, 145 lbs.

People tend to underestimate the training. Just be sure to push yourself like the program lays out and stay strict with the rest periods. As the rest gets shorter, the sessions will mysteriously seem harder.

This does happen sometimes. Do your best to get them all in, since skipping a shake means you’re cutting the low-calorie plan even lower which can be counterproductive.

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My results are showing up and I am satisfied at Day 19, however I didn’t see anything about an exact measurement for the Superfood. It looks like there is a light line inside the small measuring spoon inside the Superfood bag and apparently I was supposed to be only filling it to that line each day and I have been doing a whole 2 scoops. Now I am about to run out.

I think I have enough for maybe one scoop for the next few days. It would be helpful if that was explained somewhere in the literature. Or did I miss it? Is says 2 scoops so that’s what I used.

I have been using 2 full scoops of the Metabolic Drive each serving and that has been plenty. I guess I won’t get the last few days of Superfood. I’ll survive but that seems like a glitch in the instructions. Otherwise very happy with what’s happening so far.

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