Wk 1 on Velocity Diet. Questions



I started the velocity diet last week, and have been following the workouts and diets, I am wondering what your experience has been with the changes that should be occurring during the first week. I have seen minimal changes in my body tone ( minimal) but not in the weight, ( i started at 136 and in the one week went to 134) I know that 2 people are not the same, but It gets to be discouraging after eating shakes, workouts, walks, and not seeing positive results.

I will continue to finish the program, but wanted to get your input re the women that do this program, and how their progress begins to be noticeable.

Thank you

Mercedes Serrano


I lost 5 pounds the first week and 12 in 28 days however I lost 16+ inches total:)


So you only lost DOUBLE the amount of fat that some say is possible to lose in a week? That’s not exactly bad.

Are you taking tape measurements as required by the diet? Pics?

Scale weight isn’t that important. You could also be building some muscle on the V-Diet, which is awesome for metabolism and looking firm, but that of course won’t show up on the scale. In fact, it’ll make it seem like you didn’t lose as much fat as you actually did.

Now, you can adjust the diet a little if you feel you need to: drop one scoop of Metabolic Drive for the day and/or a serving of the milled flax seed. That’ll lower calories just a little. But don’t drop more than that or you’ll risk losing muscle.

Fat loss is tricky: sometimes you lose 1 pound one week, then 4 the next. The key is to stick to the plan and only judge results after the full diet.