Winter Blues V-Diet~ Round 2 ;) 10/22

I have had the stuff to start my second V-Diet for months…
Kept talking myself out of it, well im ready!
I decided upon waking this morning today
is the DAY!!!

I enjoy the shakes and love the challenge…
I had good results first time around, however it
was during the summer and my oldest son plays travel
baseball~ so lots of shakes on the go, and eating out
did great the first 18 days and the end not perfect!
still had great results and have since kinda let
it all go… Havent gained much weight back but
not where i was July!!

So 28 days from today~ i will be smokin!! :wink:
transition right into thanksgiving…

pictures to follow…and measurements

Good luck! I look forward to hearing about your progress.

Hey, thanks for stoppin by our page earlier.

We’ll be watchin you kick some butt, being a V-Diet veteran and all. :slight_smile:

lol thanks

But one V-diet under your belt is by no means

You’ll nail it! :smiley: Positive thoughts.


SO far so good :slight_smile:
Had a great workout this morning
always leaves me wanting more however…
but i must trust in the system as it is :slight_smile:

morning all!

Love reading all the encouragement on here, the struggles the temptations and the pure will power to stay strong!! My son had some friends over, so we sat around the campfire last night, as my dear hubby and friend drank their beer i sipped on my shake!
Felt good to be good… NO smores for me!
i did want to eat the melted top off a marshmallow i roasted for my little ones though!!

resisted and feel great about it!
no workout today… V-burn tom :slight_smile:
which always feels wonderful!! :wink:

ill get pictures tom and measurements
the fun part!!

have a great saturday!!

Good work, great job with resisting temptation.


V-Burn = TheDevil

hello alll

so i didnt do my v burn… so exhausted
and no energy!!
Today is a new day… gonna start my workouts over from day one, and go from here
mid week start wasnt smart anyway…

shakes are going down fine…resisted pizza and ice cream with the family yesterday! :slight_smile:

it seems HOT-ROX makes me a little moody!

WONDERFUL workout today!!


Great job! I love the Monday workout. So quick but still pouring sweat when all is said and done.

Raining here in Georgia SO nepa inside :slight_smile:

i looked back and my measurements are about the same as when i started the first V-diet
:slight_smile: interesting!!

chest upper-34
chest -36
arms- l/10 r/10.5
thigh- l/20 r/20
calf-l/14 r/13.5
ankle- both 8

pictures soon if i can get this computer to work

wow just finished a GREAT workout
however i think i went a little too heavy
lol tingly arms and all…

SHakes went well again today… havent really been craving anything BUT
salt!!! Or something bland
I think its all the sweetness… but im not complaining so far its been great…

ANother thing i am dealing with??? itchy skin
i think its from the HOT-ROX and right now i am only taking one twice a day gonna try for two next week… Last V-Diet i used the Carbolin 19 and didnt feel it worked very well… but was having Blood pressure issues so was scared to take HOT-ROX… all thats under control and i have to say the shakes seem to help with the BP alot
i have LOW BP which causes passing out…
i take b-12 now and had added salt to my diet to raise it…
very happy this is stablizing me :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: tgif!!!

another great day!!!

big test tonight…ill be rocking my blender bottle at the tailgate for the highschool game :slight_smile:

wish me success!!!

wow what a busy weekend!!

I did great… and got a few friends interested in my shakes lol :slight_smile:
I stuck to my plan… Had a grilled chicken salad from panera yesterday as my meal…
really enjoyed the crunching of lettuce LOL
And an apple… wasnt really hungry??

had a rough v burn from lack of sleep im assuming? Had a wonderful workout this am…

happy MONDAY!!

Keep up the wonderful work Robilyn.

And as far as the V-Burn goes, there’s no such thing as WHY it was hard, lol. V-Burns suck whether you slept perfectly or none at all. THEY ARE ROUGH!!! We have Chad to thank for that.

still going strong

doing a bootcamp style class three days a week
extremly sore today…but fun!

shakes going great tried the vanilla with apple pie spice
yummmm gives it a different taste

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