Will Plazma Give You a Buzz?


I have normally used a single scoop but today made a larger amount with two scoops and since working out I really feel on edge. I had to put off my daily run due to it. Is this a normal effect as I can’t find anything else in my diet that could cause it?


In my experience, no, and I’ve been taking Plazma for years, sometimes 3 scoops per session. I also haven’t heard of anyone else getting “the jitters” from Plazma. Do you take any “pre workout” or anything like that?


I have been on the Velocity Diet and didn’t take anything else. I hadn’t seen that effect from Plazma before so I didn’t think it was that. Maybe I pushed it too far on the workout as it came on a bit after I finished. I’ll have to keep an eye on how I’m feeling.


That could certainly be it. Plazma has nothing in it that would cause you to be shaky/jittery, and if it happened afterwards, I think it would be safe to say it was not related to Plazma. When you say your let “on edge” what exactly were you feeling?


There are no stimulants in Plazma, so that’s not a concern. I’d lean towards it coming from having pushed the session harder than usual. Plazma does contain citrulline, which can improve recovery and may improve ATP production (which is a cellular energy source), but that’s the only other thing I can think of. In the years it’s been out, I don’t remember seeing anyone report a similar issue, so I wouldn’t stress over it.


It felt like I had taken Hot Rox, which is a bit strong for me. Definitely like a stimulant but I had been taking Plazma on the Velocity diet for the past month and never noticed anything.


I’ll take it tomorrow for my workout and see if it reoccurs.


It gives me a good feeling buzz making me want to grab some weights and get at it!