Will Indigo-3G Help Me?

Alegymloverxo asks:

I’m really interested in ordering Indigo-3G but first I have a couple questions if you could please help. I want to know is this for men only? My fitness goal is to be at least 130lb with very low body fat. Right now I’m 115 and my body fat is very high (26%). Will this product help me burn it as well?

[quote]T NATION wrote:
Alegymloverxo asks:
I want to know is this for men only?[/quote]
Nope, both men and women have talked about their results here on the forum.

If you want to gain lean muscle and drop bodyfat, you’ll need to dial in your nutrition and training. Proper supplements can definitely help when those are in place.

Lots of people do use Indigo to drop fat, but it’s not a “fat burner”. It basically tells your body to use carbs and nutrients more efficiently.

Indigo-3G can help women greatly with body composition, as much so as men.

I don’t know what exactly you mean by very low bodyfat, but let’s say 12%. You could mean lower still, but I don’t know. If 12%, then your goal lean body mass would be 114 lb.

Your present LBM, if your bodyfat is about 26%, is 85 lb.

That would be almost a 30 lb gain, and even more crucially, a 34% gain in LBM.

I personally have never seen a woman achieve this without anabolic steroids.

I would set a first-stage goal that’s definitely achievable. A great first step for you would be to achieve a recomp where still at 115, your bodyfat has dropped to a lower percentage, say 16%. This would be a 12 lb fat loss combined with 12 lb muscle gain. I’m not saying that’s as far as you could ever go, but as a Stage 1 in your journey, it would be pretty sweet.

Thank you for the answer , it’s just really hard for me to loose body fat due to my slow metabolism do you recommend a good fat burner , I hit the gym 5 days a week 2 hours I always try to eat good , can I use this product with a fat burner ? Because I want more muscle less fat and after using this I can use any supplement that I wish right ?

Indigo-3G can be used with a fat-burner, there’s no conflict at all. I’d suggest HOT-ROX, Fahrenheit, or Carbolin 19.

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