Will I Lose Muscle on the V-Diet?

Are V-Diet healthy and well i lose much muscle mass?

That’s actually insulting.

Why the hell would someone like me, who puts a strong emphasis on health and longevity, and a site like T-MUSCLE, put out a program that is unhealthy and risks muscle loss?

Have you read the full program?

If you had, you would not ask that question.

yes but I do not lose muscle mass when you are in calorie deficit?

[quote]andersv3 wrote:
yes but I do not lose muscle mass when you are in calorie deficit?[/quote]

I’m sure Chris will have a better explanation. But the diet is designed this way (diet and weight training and no endless cardio sessions) in order to avoid muscle mass OR to minimize it I’d rather say.

For you info (ok I’m a woman) but I have a dexa scan before and after my 1st round, overall my LBM stayed the same …

The diet and the muscle mass thing always makes me crazy. Most guys I see who worry about losing muscle mass or strength are fat and aren’t even sure what part of themselves is fat and what is muscle. I have dieted as a bodybuilder and an athlete and I have never gotten weaker or less muscular because I was dieting. Losing fat doesn’t make you weak.

[quote]andersv3 wrote:
yes but I do not lose muscle mass when you are in calorie deficit?[/quote]

Only if you cut calories way too low, do lots of cardio, overtrain, and don’t use muscle-preserving supplements. The V-Diet takes care of all those things: the right amount of calories, no traditional cardio, the right lifting program, and several supplements designed to preserve or even build muscle.

Amen! Chris, musclegym shonaa. I think you guys have made it clear what to expect and not. The guesswork has been minimized in the weight training. The supplements work and have been well researched. Either follow the program or don’t follow the program.

I feel stronger and increased weight on all of my exercises during the 4 weeks of phase I. I’ve been lifting seriously for over 2 years. Your body will utilize ever last gram of protein for muscle.

I was a little nervous too when I started, proved otherwise today. if your following the protocol nothing to worry about!

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