Will Anaconda Have a Place in the V-Diet?


I don’t REALLY know the specifics of it, so I don’t even know if it is possible, but based on your use of it so far Mr. Shugart, do you think it may have a place?


Not at this time. It’s just an unknown. Right now we know that the V-Diet 3.0 leads to rapid fat loss and muscle retention/gain along with behavioral changes regarding nutrition. So, why change it? I really don’t think we can make the fat loss any faster at this point.

Not saying there won’t be a V-Diet 4.0. After all, we thought V-Diet 2.0 was perfect until we added in Leucine and Superfood.

I’d save Anaconda for mass/strength stages at this point.


This is actually at the point of sounding a little crazy. Having done the V-Diet and tried the various para-workout nutritional recomendations that Thib has worked on, I could see eventually where someone might try the V-Diet with his para-workout nutrition. This would take some insane will power as the para-workout nutrition has 1200ish calories leaving only 600-700 calories for the rest of the day. That would only be 2-3 scoops of Drive for the rest of you daily nutrition.

I would think this would be too extreme for most of the people that use the V-Diet, but for the small percentage of people doing some form of contest prep it could be an option.