Wildmutt's V-Diet Log - Start 3/23/09

At the beginning of March I finally made the decision to improve my health and my body. I got sick of looking at myself in a mirror, and in pictures. I was even on TV one time and the very first thing I said was “holy crap, I have a fat neck”.

In high school I couldn’t gain weight to save my life. I was stuck at 150 lbs, until the day I graduated. Then I immediately gained 20 lbs. Over the last few years, I have been as low as 185 and as high as 210.

My grandfather had some health problems that can be passed down, like diabetes. I decided that was something that I didn’t want to deal with. Plus I wouldn’t mind looking like any of the Spartans from 300. I don’t think the wife would mind either.

So it begins…

Age: 28 years old
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 191 lbs

BF %: Not yet measured

Neck: 16"
Shoulders: 46.5"
Chest (Across Nipple Line): 42.5"
Upper Abs: 37"
Largest Part of Belly/Love-Handles: 39"
Waist: 37.5"
Left Arm: 12.25"
Right Arm: 12.75"
Left Thigh: 24.25"
Right Thigh: 24.5"
Left Calf: 15.5"
Right Calf: 16"

Today was my first day. For the most part the shakes have been keeping me full. Everytime I see food I want to grab something, healthy and unhealthy. I screwed up my workout (Beginner). Forgot my paperwork and did the lat pull-down, rather than the bent-over row. Doh!!! Feeling good though. Just gotta get through “the suck” and I’ll be good to go.

wildmutt, good work you’ll do great. stay positive and confident and things will go just fine. I started yesterday and did my first lifting workout today, it kicked my but. 45 seconds goes really quick when out of breath. Felt good though. Keep posting and I’ll check back in.

Good to see someone else at it. Welcome to the club!


Get one of those big posters of the 300 movie like maybe that one of when it showed off all his back muscles when he opened up the big doors if you know the scene im talking about. Yum. Yeah, do this, look like that or even remotely close, wife should be freaking ecstatic.

Day 3. Just finished workout, and V-Diet is kicking my butt. Was feeling pretty good up to this point. Seriously craving a huge chicken breast and some carrots. Not craving any sweets though.

I do NOT like the chocolate Surge at all!

Try blending the Surge with water heated up in the microwave for 2 minutes. Makes it a lot easier, for me anyway. Cause man. Yeah. Yeck!

I’m in the middle of week two and I like all of the supplements as long as I can blend them with about 1/2 ice, half water and some mix. I also went and bought some sugar free syrup from star bucks and that adds a little different tastes with a couple teaspoons. But that is sjust me. I also do some crystal light stuff. play around with it. you will find your mixes. adding instant coffee isn’t bad either.

Day 5

Still don’t really have any cravings. Neighbor brought over a chocolate cake, which didn’t affect me. But when making the kids’ quesadillas, the melted cheese was getting to me.

Today’s workout seemed much easier than Wednesday’s. First HSM is tomorrow, chicken breasts, brown rice, and broccoli, with a small fruit salad for dessert.

I’m really glad week one is down. I think my form may be off on my Romanian Deads, cause my back muscles are KILLING me. I was going to do my V-Burn Challenge tomorrow, but will have to wait until Sunday.

I tried the suggestion of turning one of the protein shakes into pudding. Texture was like pudding, but didn’t have the same taste. I got my banana protein finally (backorder), and love mixing it with strawberry.

I’ll be doing measurements this weekend. I did give in and weighed myself today. I dropped three pounds. Hopefully that stays consistent.

Hey, if weighing yourself early is the most you’ve given in, I wouldn’t sweat it :slight_smile:

I can relate to your story completely. I graduated high school at 160 but immediately ballooned up to 175, only to go up to 195 a few years later. I also have a few health problems to watch out for (my great grandmother, grandfather, and grandmother on my mother’s side all have diabetes), so I realize the importance of getting my health in order.

I’m jealous that you get your HSM tomorrow. I’m just about to wrap up day 5 myself, but I won’t get my HSM till Sunday. I can wait :slight_smile:

Keep it up!

Day 6

Just got done enjoying my first HSM. All I can say is that was so needed. Even the thought of another shake was getting me to the point where I wanted to puke.

I’m really looking forward to next week’s meal. I think I’m going to try to make a grilled chicken parmesan with whole wheat pasta. Anyone know if I’m good to use a little parmesan or mozzarella cheese?

Day 7

It’s much easier to handle the shakes now. That first week is brutal. I still have to choke the last little bit down sometimes, but for those just starting, it does get better.

I’ve screwed up a few times by forgetting my PB one night cause I fell asleep, and only remembered to take the shake. I also forgot to take a serving of Flame Out on two occasions. Hopefully that doesn’t affect me too much.

Just completed my first V-Burn Challenge, with a sad, sad time of 21:44. I thought I would be able to complete it faster. Interesting how much better shape we think we are in when we’re out of shape.

Realizing that I only have three more weeks until Transition has me pretty stoked.

Only craving I still have up to this point is Blueberry Frosted Mini-Wheats.

Official weight and measurements after Week 1 will be taken tomorrow prior to Monday workout. Will post when I’m done.

Haven’t had a chance to post in the last few days. Weight and measurements after first week below.

Weight: 189 lbs
Neck: 16"
Shoulders: 46.5"
Chest (Across Nipple Line): 41.25"
Upper Abs: 36.25"
Largest Part of Belly/Love-Handles: 38.25"
Waist: 37.5"
Left Arm: 12"
Right Arm: 12.5"
Left Thigh: 24.“
Right Thigh: 24.25"
Left Calf: 15.25"
Right Calf: 16”

Things going well. Yesterday was a bad day. Had training with schedule opposite of what I normally work. Wasn’t able to get my middle shake in. Threw in a third scoop for my fourth shake to try to make up for it. Then fell asleep on the couch way early and didn’t get my last shake in. I hope I didn’t blow it.

If you ate pancakes with strawberry syrup, you blew it. Missing a shake I cant imagine would actually totally blow it. You still got your workout. You still made up for one missed shake. Just missed out on some calories your body needed but hey, you’ll get back on track quick.

Haven’t posted in quite a while. Still in the game. Thought I was going to give in yesterday. Had my HSM on Friday and then my father-in-law decided to take the family out for dinner at Applebee’s. It was hard to resist, but I did it. So I’m not looking like a Spartan yet, but happy with the results so far.

Wrapping up week three. So far losses have been fairly consistent. Hope they continue this way.

Really looking forward to being able to eat a HSM once a day. Going on vacation to D-Land at the same time I start my first week of Transition. That will be a good test for me. Wife’s been pretty supportive, so I don’t think I’ll have a problem.

I just completed my 28th day. All in all, I’m satisfied with my results. Due to the nature of my job, I wasn’t able to follow the program to the “T”. I missed a shake or a Flameout once in a while. I also wasn’t able to get in my NEPA every day. This last week my workout schedule got completely jacked up.

I never got a chance to get my baseline BF numbers. I’m going to try to get the measurements this week, and hope that I’m below 20%.

Measurements from Week 1 to Week 4 below. I still have one more measurement tomorrow morning. I started at 191 lbs. and as of last weigh-in was 185 lbs.

Measurements: 3/12/09
Largest part of belly/love-handle: 39?
Upper Leg (Thigh): 24.5?® 24.25?(L)
Lower Leg (Calf): 16? ® 15.5? (L)
Chest - Across Nipple Line: 42.5?
Between Belly Button & Nipple Line: 37?
Shoulders: 46.5?
Upper Arm: 12.75? ® 12.25? (L)
Neck: 16?
Waist: 37.5?

Measurements: 3/30/09
Largest part of belly/love-handle: 38.25?
Upper Leg (Thigh): 24.5?® 24?(L)
Lower Leg (Calf): 15.5? ® 15.25? (L)
Chest - Across Nipple Line: 41.25?
Between Belly Button & Nipple Line: 36.25?
Shoulders: 46.5?
Upper Arm: 12.5? ® 12? (L)
Neck: 16?
Waist: 37?

Measurements: 4/5/09
Largest part of belly/love-handle: 37.75?
Upper Leg (Thigh): 24?® 24?(L)
Lower Leg (Calf): 15.5? ® 15? (L)
Chest - Across Nipple Line: 41?
Between Belly Button & Nipple Line: 35?
Shoulders: 46.5?
Upper Arm: 12.25? ® 12? (L)
Neck: 16?
Waist: 36.75?

Measurements: 4/11/09
Largest part of belly/love-handle: 37?
Upper Leg (Thigh): 24?® 24?(L)
Lower Leg (Calf): 15.25? ® 15? (L)
Chest - Across Nipple Line: 41?
Between Belly Button & Nipple Line: 35?
Shoulders: 47?
Upper Arm: 12.25? ® 12? (L)
Neck: 15.5?
Waist: 36.25?

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