Why Take Indigo-3G Pre-Workout?


I’ve been taking Indigo-3G a little over a month & ive always taken it pre workout as instructed on the bottle, but lately I’ve been wondering why take it then instead of just before dinner with carbs? Doesn’t ur body just naturally shuttle the stuff in Plazma, particularly the dextrin, into ur muscles anyways & the Indigo-3G really isn’t doing a whole lot or am I wrong?


Basically, you take Indigo-3G before your workout nutrition because training is such an important chance to get nutrients into your system. Indigo optimizes Plazma’s effects and makes it that much more effective.

Because Indigo is designed to be a nutrient partitioner and help with insulin sensitivity, the two biggest times your body needs to do those jobs the most is 1) around a big meal (typically dinner) when it has a bunch of carbs and calories to work with and 2) around training when your body is already manipulating glycogen, insulin, aminos, and all the other muscle-building/fat-burning stuff.

Taking Indigo-3G but deciding not to use the pre-workout serving is like going to the gym and deciding not to use 45-pound plates. Like, you could do it, but you’re not making things any easier.


Ok. Makes sense to me now. I’ll keep taking it pre workout, almost 1/2 way through my 3rd bottle. Thank you for the explanation