Why Plazma is SO Good

Waiting for my next shipment to arrive I ran out of Plazma and had to use another carb source mixed in with my MAG-10 for workouts…within one day of the dextrose blend I was using at 75 grams of carbs I got cramps and terrible diarrhea!

I was amazed after my stuff cleared customs and back on 3 scoops of Plazma per workout,it all cleared up within 2 days.

So the carbs in Plazma are so superior it isn’t funny.

Plus I didn’t crash after workouts like I had on the inferior carb drink.

$1500 worth of supps now safely tucked away for use over the next few months. Also in the long term it actually saves me money as I eat 3 times a day,have 4 pulses of MAG-10 and Plazma during my hardest workouts,with Anaconda on Arm day. If I eat 6 meals I spend way more on food.

Thanks for the report from New Zealand, musclesauck641!

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