Why No Soluble Fiber?

Soluble fiber gives you a feeling of being full. I am on my 3rd day of V-Diet and the hunger at times is pretty tough. I would think soluble fiber would be perfect for those moments.

(Actually I have found soda water with 0 Cals has helped with the hunger pains.)

Part of the milled flax is soluble. Also, the Fiber Choice tablets are made of inulin, also soluble.

while not in the official diet, i did add 20 grams of psylium husk to my daily intake and still got good results. I did it to lower my ldl’s though, not for hunger issues. Im not entirely sure what Chris would say about it.

Fiber Choice tablets are great. 4g of soluble fiber per serving (2 tablets). They taste decent too, just get the sugar free ones.

I guess what I was referring to is more of the liquid soluble fiber like psylium husk. The kind that expands and fills you up.

You’re going to be hungry anyway as you’re completely flipping on your head what your body considers ‘full’. I took about three days to get used to the quantity I was now ingesting and had stomach rumbling and things liek that. After about four days though everything was fine and I was starting to forget to have them.

I think flax is about 1/3 soluble fibre, plus I have psyllium husk which is mainly soluble too.

I’d say just give it some time, but the addition of pysillium or other fibre certain won’t hurt anyway.

One thing to keep in mind. The V-Diet, if followed correctly, already provides around 25g of fiber. That’s the generally accepted recommended daily amount.


The average person these days only gets around 15g in his or her normal diet. So 25 can be a big bump all at once. Some people have to back off and work up to 25g. So just be careful about adding more fiber, unless you’re sure your previous diet was also that high fiber.

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