Why No Aerobic Exercises


Hi Chris, I’m following the plan to the letter. This is more education and interest. I’ve finished day 3 and feeling strong. The workouts seem somewhat short though. In the neighborhood of 30 minutes. Is this right? You explained to me the progression to get to 20 or 40 reps and I’m on the advanced plan. My question is why isn’t another aerobic type work out permitted? Curious about the science of it. I enjoy Tabata and Heavy Bag work outs(with Tabata drills mixed in between punching sets). Outside of your program, these are my hardest workouts and do incorporate weights, albeit lighter weights. I calculate I burn at least 800-1000 calories in a one hour workout. I’m not doing these in light of the program, yet am curious as to the detrimental impact should one add one in.



This is covered in tab 4 in the diet plan. Daily walks and the weekly V-Burn are all you need coupled with the low calorie, lower carb diet. Add too much more and you may risk muscle loss or metabolism slowdown. We want pure fat loss here, not fat and muscle loss.