Why Metabolic Drive Only?

Why Metabolic Drive Only?

The only recommended protein powder to use with the <a href=""target=“new”>V-Diet is <a href=""target=“new”>Low-Carb Metabolic Drive.


1) Over 3 years of feedback has shown us that those who use other brands have a much, much higher failure rate. (Possible reasons listed below.) In short, if you want to increase your chance of a successful V-Diet, only use Metabolic Drive.

2) Older forms of this type of diet used whey-only products… and they failed horribly. Whey digests too quickly and provides no sense of satiety (fullness). It’s like drinking water. Metabolic Drive, a high quality blend that includes micellar casein, makes you feel more satisfied. (The micellar casein forms a kind of gel in the stomach.)

Micellar casein is also an extremely slow digesting protein. The slow, sustained release of amino acids from micellar casein can cause a timed release trickle of amino acids into the bloodstream. This can last seven hours after ingestion, aiding in muscle growth and preventing muscle breakdown.

Perhaps most importantly, nitrogen retention – the physiological condition that’s essential for muscle growth – is amplified by micellar casein.

3) If you find a cheap protein powder that claims to have a high micellar casein content like Metabolic Drive, I’d be weary. There’s no way they can make a profit on their product if it truly has what it says it has.

In some cases, they may be falsifying their labels, or replacing some of the protein with cheap maltodextrin. Happens so often it’s scary, and it would RUIN the V-Diet, or at least lead to muscle loss and a less successful diet. So basically, if you’re being sold a Ferrari for the price of a Hyundai, I’d be a little worried about what’s under the hood.

4) Although taste is subjective, most agree that Metabolic Drive tastes great and has the texture of a high quality milkshake. This is important since you’ll be drinking 4 to 6 shakes per day. Use a shake that doesn’t taste good and your chance of failure will skyrocket.

5) Metabolic Drive contains glucono-delta-lactone. GDL basically facilitates the body’s ability to digest and utilize protein. And you don’t find it in cheapo knockoffs. I’d hate to drink 5-6 shakes a day without GDL in there. Glucono-delta-lactone helps with protein digestion by nourishing the “good” bacteria in the GI tract.

If you can’t get Low-Carb Metabolic Drive, don’t do the Velocity Diet. (Or at the very least, don’t call it the Velocity Diet.) There are plenty of other good diet plans here at T-Nation.

Note: Although I work for Biotest I make nothing extra at this time based on protein sales. I make the same salary even if you use a knock-off product. I just want you to succeed with the V-Diet, and those who most often succeed use Metabolic Drive. Want to succeed? Follow the path of successful V-Dieters.

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