Why MAG-10 Post Workout?

My scientific curiosity has me wondering… What is the advantage of the MAG-10 (Di/Tripeptides and Cyclic Dextrins) vs. the “old technology” of Surge (sugar that gives a big insulin spike), for post-workout? As near as I can tell from reading the articles and the research the dextrins don’t give a insulin spike and the casein hydrolysates give a small insulin spike, but nothing like a load of sugar would.

Real hydro casein (MAG-10) has di and tri peptides which means aminos actually gets absorbed more than one amino at a time without requiring digestion. So post workout, your body is primed to take in and make use of the nutrients, this provides a very good vehicle for nutrients. There’s also about 10 grams of the special carbs to help drive the aminos to where they need to go.

Pretty good answer above. See the <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 page for additional details. Plus, pre and intra workout nutrition, we now know, beats post-workout nutrition alone. We suggest Mag-10 post-workout assuming advanced lifters are using pre and intra, such as <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma.